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  1. Greetings staff, I cannot enter staff applications, as you can see in the screenshot. It tells me I dont have the permission to check the staff application forums. Thank you,
  2. Noo

    Some bugs/glitches that need to be fixed.

    I Agree with most of the bugs that you have found in the game @KNASTERD, one thing that i recognized is that when you right click & examine an item it shows the value in coins. This bug can be fixed easily and to top that, put the right price for every item, for example: Bandos chestplate (13k) or whatever the original price is. Another bug that i found is that whenever i get a fury drop from zulrah, it doesn't get announced in chat. It would be great if the staff team work on these small details to make the havoc community more satisfied . @Eso @Ancient
  3. Noo

    Crazy Arch (Kill count)

    greetings staff, I realised that there is a bug with the kc, surprisingly the kill count does not appear everytime you kill crazy archaeologist. Thank you, From: No
  4. Noo

    Bank From Staking! From 45k & AGS!

    what a great job keep it up, be careful not to loose it "money comes and money goes!"
  5. Noo

    cant log on Havoc

    greetings staff, I cannot log on, can you please fix it