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  1. Rhys

    Full Account/type reset

    I'd like this, Not sure how hard it would be to implement, But I've thought about resetting my account and starting on a lower xp rate before, Or trying ironman. But if I do that, I lose donor status as well as my account name because I have to start again.
  2. Rhys

    Road to... V2

    Good luck nerd ^^
  3. Rhys

    Rank Requests

  4. Rhys


    So after accidentally clicking on my Havoc bookmark, I noticed there was 110 players online! That's incredible! I'm looking forward to coming back. For those who don't know me, I'm Rhys, Former Comp cape (#HumbleBrag) pre-reset. Looking forward to comping again, this time on a lower XP rate. Anyway, Feel free to re-add me in game :)!
  5. Rhys

    Iron Mewmia's Introduction

    Welcome to Havoc Looking forward to seeing your drops & achievement thread ^^