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  1. Not A Bot

    PK Spawn Sets are a problem

    I think that the sets should be more basic, and a LOT less supplies. Like maybe 2 pk sets and 150 of each rune, 100 sharks 5 super sets ect. That way people can pk straight away, but also gives people a reason to join into the economy. Want more sharks? Then thieve for 5 mins and buy some more, want some better armour? Then go barrows for 20 mins ect. Just giving people rag gear doesn't keep people on the server, and yes when they first came out they were great for like 2 days, then there were just like 5 afk pk accounts there.
  2. Not A Bot

    PK Spawn Sets are a problem

    There is no point in runecrafting anymore, I think Run Laps or Drops had like 150k bloods from rcing before the reset. Same with Smithing, 80% of rune items are worthless, Boss drops like Avatar of creation have like a 90% drop of noted rune items, this is all worthless now. Aside from the exp. Also It has ruined the ECO, apart from exp and levels, there is no reason to fish, cook, farm, herb, fletch all because it is basically spawnable. This kills so many things, I don't understand why people aren't making a big deal about this, it is making the server die faster since the reset. Item prices are way higher than before and that is because weapons/armor are the only things worth trading. When a new player starts it'll take them hours to make money for some decent pvm gear, all because if they skill there items are worth nothing because they're spawnable.
  3. Not A Bot

    PK Spawn Sets are a problem

    And replace them with what in nps drops, clue drops ect.?
  4. Not A Bot

    PK Spawn Sets are a problem

    Can something please be done about the fact that PK Spawn sets have ruined loads of money makers and haven't actually done anything helpful to the game. When I complete a clue scroll It's horrible to see rune items + dragon weapons, you've basically stopped what you were doing for nothing. Same with noted rune and dragon drops from bosses, now worth nothing. I don't understand why they are still in the game. I get it, it was a good idea to try and bring people into the wildy but this isnt a spawn server. It didn't work getting more people in the wildy so can you please just get rid of the spawn sets, and make rune/dragon/runes and bolts worth something again.
  5. Not A Bot

    "wildy revival"

    I had an almost maxed x2 pure, i had 93/95 prayer when curses was removed from the wildy and that sucked but I kept playing. Then I realized I couldn't use my P maul. Then everything from the spawn kits made loads of things worthless. Then people left. Then I realized that all my time and effort had been wasted because I never got to pk with my account. 💔
  6. Not A Bot

    Has there been a Reset?

    Hey guys, I haven't played in a while but I kept popping in every now and then to see if there was any form of owner/dev support, but recently I went on Highscores and noticed there wasnt anyone maxed anymore. Has there been a reset? Also if so, how can I DL the client because I have a new Comp and the link on the forums doesnt work. Thanks and I hope things have changed and we can enjoy this server again.