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  1. Not A Bot

    Game Updates - 06/05/2018

    The issues I have with these updates: 1) No curses in pvp sucks, I got turmoil on my realist pure like 12 hours before these updates and all that time is been ruined. I think A fix is put a Defence Requirement? Or just code it so the damage bonus actually works and re-release it? 2) I understand no primal-prom armour + weapons in the wildy but no vesta, morrigans + zuriels too? They're pvp items! Maybe make them degradeable in PvP? 3) Adding all there spawnable rune items + pots + runes makes alching (like I said, realist and I've alched most of my magic through pvm) useless and not profitable anymore. Maybe make untradeable rune sets? only 1 and then its kept on death for pk accounts and rune has alch value again? That's all for now.
  2. Not A Bot

    Rooney Loops Feedback

    Very Friendly and approachable. Strangely odd characteristics for an Australian.
  3. Not A Bot


    I also think little PVM guide would be great, zulrah for example. For there are loads of new players joining and there is nothing for info aside from forum guide on how to do things, and some people like to watch how its done instead. (If you could post a vid on if its possible doing Zulrah on a pure I'd be rather excite! )
  4. Not A Bot

    general suggestions

    I Agree to this all, aside from the gambling stuff because I honestly don't feel it has a place in a game like this, but its here so no pointing complaining. Battlestaff crafting YES! (I've collecting all the ones from loots as I assumed it was already a thing...) There are already loads of city teles, and ::yaks seems pointless but if it helps why not? I've had 4 blue drag tasks today and every time was thinking "Wish Vorkath was in game" YES again I think a ::skilling area with rocks upto addy, trees upto yew and fishing spots upto sharks would be great also.
  5. Not A Bot

    Code Weapon poison

    I was meaning that actual potion, i haven't used any poisoned weapons yet, but i assumed poisoned weps worked?
  6. Not A Bot

    Code Weapon poison

    Recently I tried to apply weapon poison that i made to arrows, darts, bolt + daggers, none of which worked. Would you be able to make it that the weapon poison that is craftable through herb is actually use-able? I know it seems pointless but it has more uses than one may think. Thanks.