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  1. Lawrence

    Relocation Player owned store

    Support for same reason as bread says. Less spam in help cc
  2. Lawrence

    Host Sale

    That's an insane sale Pitty i can't afford it but will lyk if i need any later
  3. Lawrence


    Why comment that when I already told you no
  4. Lawrence

    Rewards for completing set diaries?

    Yeah I agree with this because you need all different types of levels and use different skills, making it quite some effort. Needs motivation to complete
  5. Lawrence

    special attack from nurse at home

    @Indominus Spec restore pots are in the game
  6. Lawrence

    special attack from nurse at home

    Yeah, basically something in place where pkers can't abuse it. Every 5 minutes or something You could just wait for spec or go to duel arena or get special attack restore potions
  7. Lawrence


    I understand that, that's why I addressed that issue in the 2 posts I made :')
  8. Lawrence


    Hence the "somewhat pointless" statement. My thoughts were if there's time for it to be done, sure. I just remember i'd seen it on other servers, whether it's an animation or a location. But thanks for the feedback
  9. Lawrence

    Well ... XD

    Haha, congratz. I'm still going for my 1st pet. Idc what it is
  10. Lawrence


    http://prntscr.com/hu742l Edit: Karams sold
  11. Lawrence


    Somewhat pointless, but nevertheless, helps not to waste people's time trying to get hold of someone An ::afk command that sits you on a deck chair or is in some sort of animation to let people know you're afk?
  12. Lawrence


    Welcome to Havoc, enjoy yourself See you in game!
  13. Lawrence

    Mysterious emblems

    Not a bad idea, but not sure if it's necessary. Just got to be aware for when you get them
  14. Lawrence

    Max cape

    Agreed. Support 100%
  15. Lawrence

    Edgeville Lever

    Definitely support. I died from going to that lever and then I knew it was all over