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  1. Lawrence

    Host Sale

    That's an insane sale Pitty i can't afford it but will lyk if i need any later
  2. Lawrence


    Why comment that when I already told you no
  3. Lawrence

    Well ... XD

    Haha, congratz. I'm still going for my 1st pet. Idc what it is
  4. Lawrence


    http://prntscr.com/hu742l Edit: Karams sold
  5. Lawrence


    Welcome to Havoc, enjoy yourself See you in game!
  6. Lawrence

    How to Max an Ultimate Ironman

    Dude this is amazing!! Thank you for taking the time to create this, I'm sure it will help a heck of a lot of Ironmen ingame Feel free to give any more insight you have
  7. Lawrence

    New goal ;p

    Goodluck bro. The commitment is strong in this one
  8. Lawrence

    Introduction 101

    Haha that's awesome dude My brother got me into RS when I was 8 He was 12
  9. Lawrence

    After a long grind :)

    Ayyyy grats man. That farming grind
  10. Lawrence

    Introduction 101

    Welcome to the forums, mate Nice introduction 4?! Haha damn, did a family member introduce you or did you find rs for yourself? Nice stats mate, keep going. See you in game
  11. Lawrence

    Fix Nex

    The next phase doesn't appear until you hit nex again. So you kill the corner NPC then attack Nex once then it will change. On 2nd phase, Nex has an invisible gas and a visible gas. I recommend constantly moving between hits on that stage so you're always actively moving and can dodge any gas that comes your way.
  12. Lawrence

    Daily task

    Is there a way to check your daily task other than quest tab? Because my task shown in my quest tab has been to kill Nex for over a week now, and every day I kill nex at least once to see if it gets completed but it never does. When i click to 'view' my task it still says to kill Nex. If there's another way i don't know, i'd love to find out my actual tasks. If not then it's a bug. Maybe already a known bug, not sure. Maybe you could assist @I Eat Bread ?
  13. Lawrence

    #Vale - Rule the Wilderness

    Nicely laid out, quite clean. I might think about it when there's a bit more of a player base for it to be worth it. Quite a bold statement saying you'd be the best pk clan, because pking is impossible without rng in the first place. In real rs the best pkers are just... the best...rng shouldn't matter. Not saying you're not the best pkers in havoc, just pointing something out.
  14. Lawrence

    Road to...

    I was in discord the other day when someone told me about you. Can't say it's a goal i'd like to go for but have fun and goodluck haha
  15. Lawrence

    It's Christmas!!

    Merry Christmas everyone! Have a great day. I'll be interested to hear what everyone gets up to