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    Completionist cape achieved!

    congrats dude
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  3. ill just list some suggestions i think would make everyday playing more enjoyable PvP side: - Make the bh interface able to turn on and off (it really gets in the way when you are pking and i hope this happens sooner than later) - Make a Target tele, its almost impossible to find your target - make the exp drops the exact same numbers as your hit (for stacks) PvM Side: - maybe add in some super combat drops, anti-fire drops to npcs? 500k-1m per pot is ridiculous Minigame bug: - Infernal is currently broken, you cant jump over the edge it says "cant be reached" *side note* can you just make the infernal minigame start at 3 jads?
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    Hybrid Tournament (22/04/2019)

    btcs is my ingame name just started an hour ago ill try and grind gear lol