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  1. Iron Mewmia

    Later Skaters

    Server was fun, but I cause too much drama so I'll eliminate the problem. 👋
  2. Iron Mewmia

    Iron Mewmia's Goals!

    I know, it was just a placeholder photo, The fourm post was originally designed for my clan on RS3, which the pictures came from
  3. Iron Mewmia

    Iron Mewmia's Goals!

    Pokemon Goals! Gotta Catch em All Boss Pets - Tzrek-Jad (Jad Pet) Nexterminator (Nex Pet) Kalphite Princess (Kalphite Queen Pet) Prince Black Dragpn (King Black Dragon Pet) General Awwdor (General Graador Pet) Commander Miniana (Commander Zilyana Pet) K'ril Tinyroth (K'ril Tsutsaroth Pet) Rex Hatchling (Dagannoth Rex Pet) Prime Hatchling (Dagannoth Prime Pet) Supreme Hatchling (Dagannoth Supreme Pet) Ellie (Chaos Elemental Pet) Callisto Cub (Callisto Pet) Hellpuppy (Cerberus Pet) Corporeal Puppy (Corporeal Beast Pet) Abyssal Orphan (Abyssal Sire Pet) Snakeling (Zulrah Pet) Kraken (Kraken Pet) Skilling Pets - Baby Chinchompa (Hunter Pet) Beaver (Woodcutting Pet) Giant Squirrel (Agility Pet) Heron (Fishing Pet) Rune Guardian (Runecrafting Pet) Rock Golem (Mining Pet) Rocky (Thieving Pet) Tangeroot (Farming Pet) Monster Pets - Blue Dragon (Bluedragon Pet) Baby Blue Dragon (Baby Bluedragon Pet) Green Dragon (Green Dragon Pet) Frost Dragon (Frostdragon Pet) Ice Strykeworm (Ice Strykeworm Pet) Desert Strykeworm (Desert Strykeworm Pet) Jungle Strykeworm (Jungle Strykeworm Pet)
  4. Iron Mewmia

    Iron Mewmia's Goals!

    Item Goals! Short Term Goals Medium Term Goals Long Term Goals Dragon Scimitar Abyssal Whip Chaotic Rapier Ahrim's Set Staff of Light Chaotic Staff Dharok's Set Bandos Set Vesta Set Karil's Set Armadyl Set Morrigan Set Barrows Gloves Fire Cape Zuriels Set Amulet of Glory Amulet of Fury Blood Necklace Rune Hatchet Dragon Hatchet Inferno Adze Rune Pickaxe Dragon Pickaxe Serpetine Visage Magic Shortbow Dark Bow Toxic Blowpipe 99 Skill Cape - 26/04/2018 Slayer Helmet Slayer Helmet Set Chaotic Crossbow - 28/04/18 Super Long Term Goals Primal Rapier Celestial Staff Amulet of Torture Torva Set Pernix Set Virtus Set Inferno Cape Quest Cape Crux's Approval - 28/04/2018 https://imgur.com/6DN094c
  5. Iron Mewmia

    Iron Mewmia's Goals!

    I will showcase all of the goals I hope to achieve here as well as their completion kc / level / date Will update whenever I have more goals set ! The Max Cape! Max Cape Skill Goals - Max Cape Skill Goals - Max Cape Skill Goals - 99 / 99 Attack - 26/04/2018 99 / 99 Constitution 65 / 99 Mining 99 / 99 Strength 1 / 99 Agility 57 / 99 Smithing 94 / 99 Defence 1 / 99 Herblore 48 / 99 Fishing 93 / 99 Range 70 / 99 Thieving 48 / 99 Cooking 70 / 99 Prayer 2 / 99 Crafting 19 / 99 Firemaking 75 /99 Magic 8 / 99 Fletching 60 / 99 Woodcutting 1 / 99 Runecrafting 65 / 99 Slayer 73 / 99 Farming 1 / 99 Construction 1 / 99 Hunter 918 / 2277 Total Level The Completionist Cape! Easy Tasks - Medium Tasks - Hard Tasks - Cut an Oak Tree Cut 100 Magic Logs Cut 5,000 Magic Logs Burn an Oak Log Burn 100 Magic Logs Burn 2,500 Magic Logs Mine Some Iron Fish 25 Rocktails Fish 2,000 Rocktail Smelt an Iron Bar Smelt 25 Rune Bars Cook 10,000 Rocktail Harvest a Crop Mine 100 Runite Ore Mine 1,000 Runite Ore Catch a Young Impling Harvest 300 Torstol Smelt 1,000 Rune Bars Craft a Pair of Leather Boots Catch 5 Kingly Implings Harvest 1,000 Torstol Climb an Agility Obstacle Complete a Hard Slayer Task Craft 1,000 Diamond Gems Fletch Some Arrows Craft 20 Black D'hide Bodies Catch 100 Kingly Implings Mix a Potion Fletch 450 Rune Arrows Fletch 5,000 Rune Arrows Runecraft some Runes Mix an Overload Potion Runecraft 8,000 Blood Runes Bury a Big Bone Assemble a Godsword Bury 500 Frost Bones Complete a Slayer Task Climb 50 Agility Obstacles Mix 100 Overload Potions Kill a Monster using Melee Runecraft 500 Blood Runes Complete an Elite Slayer Task Kill a Monster using Range Bury 25 Frost Dragon Bones Defeat King Black Dragon 15 Times Kill a Monster using Magic Defeat Chaos Elemental 15 Times Perform a Special Attack Defeat 15 Tormented Demon's Fight Another Player Defeat Jad 15 Times Set up a Bank PIN Defeat General Graador 15 Times Setup two-step Authentication Defeat Kree'Arra 15 Times Create a Clan Chat Defeat Commander Zilyana 15 Times Defeat K'ril Tsutsaroth 15 Times Defeat The Corporeal Beast 15 Times Defeat Nex 15 Times Defeat Zulrah 15 Times Recharge Prayer 3 Times at Godwars Dungeon Elite Tasks - Cut an Onyx Stone Reach 200M in a non-combat Skill Reach 200M in a combat Skill Reach the Maximum Total Elevel Defeat 10,000 Monsters Defeat 500 Boss Monsters Enchant 5 Onyx Amulet's Complete 100 Boss Slayer Tasks Smith a Dragonfire Shield Kill a Player with 1HP remaining Vote 100 Times Deal 70+ Damage in a single hit Receive 3 Global Drops Win 150 Games of Pest Control Reach 200 Hours Playtime Purchase a Max Cape
  6. Iron Mewmia

    Iron Mewmia's Introduction

    Haihai! Name's Iron Mewmia, but my actual name is Jessica, I'm a pleb from the land of Ireland and a very bad player but I try! Currently playing as an Ironman because I find being self sufficent more rewarding and fun than playing with trading! I enjoy drawing, playing video games and I have been meaning to get into coding but IRL bullies me so much that I never have the time, but someday, somewhere I will find the opening to pursue it! something interesting here that everyone will remember and love Thanks for reading! Soon I will make a post with all my drops and achievements!