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  1. Imstrength

    Constructive Feedback Open Views

    1.VOTE 2.MORE ADS 3.CREATIVE SUGGESTION: add barrows kills to duradel slayer tasks 4.FIX THE CURRENT CONTENT THAT'S NOT WORKING RIGHT BEFORE ADDING MORE STUFF EX: Still cant make zammy spear into hasta leaf bladed sword and lots of other useful items appear as unarmed on the combat tab, which HIGHLY REDUCES THEIR VIABILITY (IF DAGGER DOESNT HAVE A STAB OPTION ITS USELESS) pathing is still a work in progress, lots of dead spots ironmen who die on any height level other than 1 LOSE ALL THE ITEMS THAT ARENT PROTECTED ****HUGE DEAL**** when hunting your traps often disappear or duplicate I WILL CONTINUE TO EDIT AS I REMEMBER THIGNS THAT ARE FUKT UP RIGHT NOW
  2. Imstrength

    Rooney Loops Feedback

    always helpful to me, and really efficient at breaking up cc madness
  3. Imstrength

    Imstrengths - Tale of an Ironman

    Here are the updated stats: http://i65.tinypic.com/2462otw.png
  4. Imstrength

    finally the zulrah welfare guide

    Nice contribution mate! Wish other people could help like this too
  5. Imstrength

    Drop Rate Info Thread

    i found the errors! when calculating your drop bonus you have yo add in the fact everyone has their usual 100% so B = Drop rate bonus as a decimal (60% = 1.60 not 0.60) i also had to change the equations slightly
  6. Imstrength

    Drop Rate Info Thread

    Hello everyone and thanks for checking out my thread dedicated to understanding the drop rate system. I was given the code that relates to npc drops and player drop bonuses by @Crux to work some numbers, i will share my notes i took as i did the math as well as do my best to explain how the system works and even use specific example and provide you an equation to do your own math fast! *****When there are (double drops) enable on the server, the second drop is not effected by the players ::droprate bonus***** NOTES First off you will need 2 equations to calculate the item you are wishing to hunt, you will also need the drop rate of the item you want, the total number of drops that npc has, and your players drop rate bonus (converted into a decimal) KEY: C = the drop rate of the desired item (1/X where X is the chance) B = Drop rate bonus as a decimal (1.6 = 60%) Z = Chance after bonus is applied N = The number of drops the npc has (not including 100% items like bones or ashes) (C * B) - C = Z (1/(C - Z ))*(1/N) = CHANCE EXAMPLE EQUATION: I want to get a Kraken tentacle so a tentacle has the drop rate of 1/400. let's imagine we are on an account with a drop rate bonus of 30% The kraken has 35 possible drops including the tentacle so now we take our first equation: (C * B) - C = Z Equation: (400*1.30)-400 = 120 Then we take our second equation: (1/(C - Z ))*(1/N) = CHANCE (1/(400-120))*(1/N) = 0.0285 or 0.0285% chance to SPECIFICALLY get the tentacle. This would be a 1/3,508 drop.
  7. Imstrength

    Imstrengths - Tale of an Ironman

    loot from 100 barrelchests and the casket drops as well
  8. Imstrength

    Amulet of the damned

    Just wondering how the amulet effects each set on the server, same as osrs? or different?
  9. Imstrength


    welcome to the game and the community bud!
  10. Imstrength

    Dark fishing bait

    today i ran into a hcim who is a level 3 skiller. he is dreading getting 94 fishing because then he will sometimes get the daily to fish rocktails. he cannot kill the monsters that drop the bait meaning he will have to skip dailies, which are important for an ironman. my suggestion is to add a mining location @ the living mineral caves to mine the ores. thus allowing skillers to do the dailies and to fish rocktails as well.
  11. Imstrength

    Some suggestions

    Hey everyone here are a few ideas I had for some new WOGW events Prosperous potions: all potions made are (4) dose instead of (3) Slayer Spree: Players can reset Slayer task for free. Prayer power: Prayers drain 50% of their normal rate. Barrows Blowout: Prayer altar spawns at barrows for prayer renewal. Skilling madness: 50% chance to get double logs/ores/fish/thieves/agil xp drops per action. Runes Shortage: Double all runes crafted. Mining mayhem: 50% chance when mining to get a gem instead of ore.
  12. Imstrength

    Havoc on RuneLocus/Better Vote Rewards.

    todays haul lawl
  13. Imstrength

    Unf. potion maker

    i dont support this, we have a decanter which is nice. what i would suggest in replacement of this is to boost the speed at which we mix potions. much faster and easier fix, the speed should literally be like 4x what it is now. plus running back and forth to an npc every inventory is almost more annoying than just suffering through it. increase the speed would be much better imo.
  14. Imstrength

    Review Havoc in 8 words