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  1. Devon

    password reset for sir

    My account sir needs a password reset
  2. Devon

    1Kc Staff of the dead

    MAN I wish I had that luck congrats. Was it a FFA or SPLIT Nice one my man. Love seeing these massive drops
  3. Devon

    Back to back drops (5 kc + 6kc)

    Wow! insane luck congratulations my friend. Wish I had that luck
  4. Devon

    Broke zulrah dry streak, ft kc

    Wow! Well done my friend. I'm jealous of you my streak is getting dryer and dryer. Good luck selling! theyre in high demand!
  5. Devon

    BANK LOOT PK AT ::44s

    AMAZING! I'm very jealous nice grind for that my friend
  6. Devon

    Havov Pking 1

    Very WELLDONE mix of pking types! Will SUB!
  7. Devon

    Havoc.ps Pk vid #1

    Well Done VIdeos! I just watched around 35 minutes worth when I should be doing homework OUCH
  8. Devon

    Havoc.ps Pk vid #2

    Wow! Great video. I love to see more people streaming/posting videos of HAVOC as we are a growing, prosperous community. Great job! dropping a sub