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    Game Updates - 06/05/2018

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    The Big Update

    Hello Havoc community, There has been a lot of false assumptions, and speculation going on after the most recent outbreak of information. Yes, one thing is correct that a massive update is coming. This update will contain: The same exact game we've all learned to play, and love The graphics completely the same as it is now. (Old school) Inferno Cave + Cape All Pre-Eoc weapons, and armor (ex. Chaotics, staff of light, Divine spirit shield + many more). This includes all of the current OSRS weapons and armor we currently have All Pre-Eoc bosses are added (ex. Nex) Along with every single OSRS boss including Abby sire/Cerberus that we don't currently have Fully functional slayer, with full slayer point system and drops for each monster accordingly All boss instances for every boss available which you'll receive "instance scrolls" from bossing Fully functional skilling, and daily task system for there always to be something going on A PKing leader board located in-game near the edgeville ditch Fully functional PK FFA tournaments Additive of a completionist cape Option to unlock custom titles for tasks such as get 30 kills in the wilderness Option to choose your own experience rates (ex. 2x, 5, 10x, or no change) Hardcore ironman mode, and regular ironman mode Can choose to do PK mode, which allows you to choose your combat stats 2 complete Donator Zones with tons of bosses, and skilling spots The additive of ranks working with total spent and increased donation ranks The usage of two different currency (Coins, and Blood Money) which will both have their respective usages (ex. Blood money is only obtainable from PKing which will have it's own shop in-game) The option to use Curse Prayers + SO much more added content, that will make the game much more enjoyable. Trading changes: On top of normal buying/selling, Completely functional Player-owned Shops are now located at the GE which is a personalized grand exchange where you open up your own shop and sell whatever you'd like for any price you set.You can do ::trade to quickly teleport there Fully functional gambling, and a specific gambling zone. (may be changed to edgeville) RWT IS NOW COMPLETELY ALLOWED Through the sale of 3 different sized "Donator Scrolls" you can turn your Havoc in-game currency into OSRS GP by purchasing the scrolls from players and swapping them to OSRS GP. This gives Havoc coins much more value, and also allows you to have the option to make IRL $ from playing Havoc. With the RWT being legalized, that's not the only thing that can bring you cash. Lowered drop rates for Havoc Keys will also be added into the game, if you get one of these keys you can trade it in for IRL cash Via Paypal, or OSRS gp. The consideration of Havoc Keys potentially being added to some boss drop tables is also something that can potentially happen. Why are we doing this change? While watching Havoc grow as a whole, we've soon come to realization that in order for Havoc to have a future, and for the longevity of the game, there needed to be a change. We highly anticipated the release of the game as a PKing based server, believing this is what the majority of people would prefer to play. In short words, we were wrong. Although we've fully advertised Havoc as a PKing game, it turns out a large majority of our players aren't even interested in the PKing aspect at all, but instead are more interested in bossing, skilling, and gambling. Quickly realizing that not only are the majority of you guys not PKing, but there isn't enough content in a PKing server that makes the game enjoyable, and worthwhile to play. With this change, there will be much more aspects to the game giving it a substantial boost of in-game things to be done. On top of it being the only OSRS server to have complete fully functional Pre-Eoc additives, the game will be much more enjoyable to play instead of how it currently is where you run out of things to do in just a few days time. In-game money will hold it's value much better, and when you PK someone you will actually be rewarded with loot that is worth something instead of pointless kills. Although it'll be officially Eco, we will prioritize PKing as it is where we came from and we'd like to stick to our roots. Giving a new original spin to PKing by it having it's own currency will make it very rewarding. Increases in staff involvement Here on Havoc our main focus is the community. With the massive change in update, we will have more time to focus on holding events, coming up with original fun ideas, and being more community orientated. We are intending on holding 2 small events daily, and 4 big events every weekend. With this new endeavor, we will be increasing the overall staff. Staff members will also make OSRS GP as all scroll sales will be done through a staff middleman granting the middleman 10% commission. But may I inform you, staff will not just be given out but it will be earned. You will have to stand out, and be very willing to help players. You will also have to require complete knowledge of the game so you can assist with any needs. Some things you can do that will potentially make you a candidate for a staff position: Advertise that you're open to help in the "Help" Clan chat. Be nice and attentive to players Offer fully detailed answers to questions Report any bugs you may see, or find Be active on the forums Be involved with the community! Above are just a few things you can take into consideration. There are many more, but that's what I can think of right away. Staff positions are very important to us as it reflects on the attitude of the entire game. Now for the main question Will your current items be lost when the server changes over? We have put a lot of time and consideration into this change and everything we do we feel it is for the greater good of the game. With that being said everyone who donated will have every single penny of their donation returned in the forum of donation tokens which will be used to redeem any item in the brand new store that's being opened following the update. It does not matter if you lost your donated money gambling, or in the wilderness. The full amount will be refunded for you to receive any new item you'd like. There will be countless new items added to the store, so there will be a lot to choose from. With this change, the game is going to be much more fun then how it currently stands. As for all items that were not acquired through donating, they will be completely removed as every item will now hold substantial value. Everything you earn after the update will hold real value. Why will this succeed? Havoc will officially be the only live game with full OSRS graphics, with Pre-Eoc items and bosses. Our main focus on community is going to be what drives us to get up in the morning and continue our involvement making this the greatest, and most fun game ever created. We will increase our advertising efforts purchasing more videos, toplist ads, and advertisements all over the internet to ensure we gain many new players. Daily events will be held along with differing daily, and weekly tasks to make sure there is always something going on. We will be influencing all staff members to be as active and community friendly as possible. Along with original game benefiting updates, we are going to do it like no one else ever has. We are going to becoming the biggest, and most active server ever seen before. The update is happening this week, you don't want to miss it because it's going to be revolutionary! See you all in game, Havoc Development team
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    Video Contest

    Good luck!
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    It is with my great pleasure to announce the re-release of Havoc! After a stressful week of preparing and updating the wait is finally over (you poor souls). The game has been fully released and is playable at this point in time. You will notice some similarities between the economy version of Havoc and the old, but mostly differences. With this big of an update there are bound to be bugs, we have included a command (::reportbug) for those of you who encounter any issues to be able to easily find our issue report forum. Voting will not work during the initial release. Voting should be out within the next few days. RWT item scrolls will be in the store and game after tomorrow's patch. Our old launcher for Havoc has been phased out in favor of a new one that plays more nicely with Linux/Unix/OSX operating systems as well as all versions of Windows. Therefore the launcher must be re-downloaded. You can find the launcher link here: http://assets.havoc.ps/launcher/ Thanks for all of your patience, and we sincerely hope you enjoy the new version of Havoc! We will be bigger and better then ever! Best regards, Havoc Administration team.
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    Some clanning clips

    Keep up the good work
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    Game Updates - 11/23/2017

    Making the game better and better everyday!
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    Game Updates - 11/17/2017

    Amazing Progress!
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    Game Updates - 11/11/2017

    Great work Klepto! You never fail to impress
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    Game Updates - 11/08/2017

    He really is pumping out some amazing updates, keep up the good work kLeptO!
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    Loots bois.

    Keep up the awesome work Frog!
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    Game Updates - 11/06/2017

    This is all just 1 days worth of fixes, be sure to suggest future fixes/updates for Havoc. Our main goal is to make a game we all can love, and enjoy.