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  1. Kleinkkrkind


  2. Kleinkkrkind

    Count to 1,000,000

  3. Kleinkkrkind

    Havoc.ps Pk vid #1

    Garbage veng pker
  4. Kleinkkrkind

    #Salsa Weekly Feasting on #Carnage #RG and Others :)

    Wut is this kanker vid?
  5. Kleinkkrkind

    First Christmas cracker!

  6. Kleinkkrkind

    RuneScape Livestreams

    Ye, I watch pk streams mostly, and Woox <3. Sonny, MonniRS, Manked, Sparc and Abyss would be my top 5
  7. Kleinkkrkind

    just wtf?!?!?!

  8. Kleinkkrkind

    NEW PK [MINI] ???

    Goodshit ma nig
  9. Kleinkkrkind

    Cant even take this kids serious.

  10. Kleinkkrkind

    AB = Free loot

  11. Kleinkkrkind

    AB = Free loot

    Why u talking about cr? LOL
  12. Kleinkkrkind

    AB = Free loot

    This is what i pked from them last 2 days, haven't been playing that much tho You guys call this a clan? I call them clowns
  13. Kleinkkrkind

    Weird but funny

  14. Kleinkkrkind

    List Of Bugs

    Nice I wish obelisk would work the same as 07, because you can just operate the portal whilst being inside the obelisk.
  15. Kleinkkrkind

    My first post

    Nice lol