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  1. Small


    I've never saw a staff member on any server before that is so awful at their position. Telling some people to take it to PMs while letting other people fight it out in the help cc minutes after. AFK most of the time and or just can't be asked to bother monitoring the CC. Yelp review: 1 Star
  2. Small


    doesnt even have training bow on there or halos, half the cosmetics arent even on this list. slaking
  3. Small

    Rank Requests

    https://gyazo.com/ef96b5e01bba078b36d49b0036230eb0 alpha rank please
  4. Small

    Reguarding Donations before reset!

    wasnt here for server reset but i agree if eco reset you should get a credit for amount donated and or items back you paid for.