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  1. Pride

    Nex Solo Guide

    damn life saver, still confused but ill take my time and learn it, ur guide definitely gonna make me a pro at it
  2. Pride

    Misc suggestions

    ::skillingzone gets a nurse, donators donate a decent amount for it, should be a good area/lounge w/e u wanna call it, add more cosmetics to clue scrolls, fix zulrah, add more ironman friendly things, like make prayer scrolls available to us, etc. also if possible add the ability to color comp capes? like a max cape, but maybe make some marking to distinguish it from max?
  3. I shouldve done this sooner... sorry for the massive amount of screenies, i have 3/4 onyxs needed for zenyte jewlery, i was supposed to have 4 but i waited too long at zulrah and one despawned... also i didnt take a few screenies for some reason im noticing, i have 2 d kites, one at 101 kc and one at 204, and i have a ton of bandos boots and 3 hilts... okay now time for mass amount of pictures
  4. Pride

    Maxed Ironman - Goop

    noooob jk now to see who gets bis first 😛
  5. Pride

    Sin of Pride, Escanor

    Its ya boi Pride, everyone knows me cuz im annoying, names dominic, mainly go by dom, i live in vegas, idc if people know, its a shit hole and im hoping to be out of it soon, i play a lot and im an iron, ex hcim, died to bork at 4am with 30 mins of sleep, teleported in with 1 hp and no protect melee on RIP, ummm idk what else to say, im still learning, awesome server dont think im leaving anytime soon, current account goals are comp cape, 200m slayer, all rare drops from bosses, and all pets. i suck at introductions... im a weeb so talk to me about anime, favorite anime is 7 deadly sins or Nanatsu no taizai, if u talk to me about that ill love u forever, oh i got 2 tattoos hoping to get more when i have money to waste, im a nerd, got a cheshire cat smile on my wrist and my mom has matching tattoo, and i have deathly hallows tattoo with 9 3/4 on same arm near elbow, yee, i like photography.