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  1. Blunts

    How to start out in havoc

    A lot to take in as a new comer, but great work!
  2. Blunts

    Staff Update - 10/09/2018

    Gz guys good shit
  3. Blunts


    Not a bad idea actually
  4. Blunts

    Masaker 444 pk video 1

    I saw you were on a ridiculous kill streak, keep it up son
  5. Blunts

    Game Updates 8/11/2018

    Aye awesome news
  6. Blunts

    Bank pic #1 "The wealthy tab"

    Damn, well done sir 🧐
  7. Blunts


    Before reading, please consider the fact this is an idea I thought would increase the integrity, and the difficulty of the game, I don't believe the game needs this to be successful, it's simply an idea I thought would give the game an extra challenge. I believe introducing tiers into the game will provide an incentive for players to continue with maxed accounts. For example, if a player with a main maxes all of his skills, I think it would be ideal to have an npc that gives you the option to reset your stats. At that point, the player could be given an option between 3 hefty rewards. Next, your xp rate decreases, and the rewards after the next tier up will increase significantly, and you also receive an in-game title that reads "Blunts (Tier 2)" or something of that nature. This idea could also work with iron men, hcim, and pkers. If a pker hits 500 kills, or completes a list of challenging tasks, I believe it would give pkers an extra sense of entitlement to be labeled a "Tier 5" pker (I honestly think it sounds cool) As for iron men, I think there are ways to reward them as well, I think this idea could be stretched into many different things and could be used in different ways. Just let me know, I'm curious to know if anyone else thinks it would be neat, thank you
  8. Blunts

    [Detailed] Herblore guide - making potions & getting herbs

    Really well done 🙂
  9. Blunts

    Sin of Pride, Escanor

    Nice to meet you man, have fun
  10. Blunts

    1,000 NPC Kills Drop List

    Well done, well done!
  11. Blunts


    Amazing, thank you
  12. Blunts

    Greetings Havoc!

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy