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  1. Hc Ryan

    Hi There!

    Hi im Ryan, 21 from England, played this game back on Crux so i may know some of you that play this :). I am going to be making a Ironman and just get a maxed skiller because i cannot be bothered with PvMing haha, feel free to say hi to me in-game. IGN: Iron Lvl3
  2. Hc Ryan

    Ironman Progress #2

    Welcome to my 2nd Progress Post! Sadly i lost my HCIM status because i was dumb enough to go afk while PvMing. Current Stats: Current Bank: Thanks for taking a look at my Porgress post #2, if you have any ideas or suggestions as to what i should do let me know because i am a rookie Ironman, thanks. Ryan
  3. Hc Ryan

    1,000 NPC Kills Drop List

    Pretty cool, deffinately encourages me more to attempt those bosses and get some juicy loots, good job
  4. Hc Ryan

    HC Ironman Progress #1

    Thanks mate!
  5. Hc Ryan

    HC Ironman Progress #1

    Hi there, i am going to try and max a Hardcore Ironman and get all items in-game. I have never had an Ironman before has i don't have the patience but i want to try something different and challenge myself instead of being P2W! Stats has of now: I will post my progress every few days! Feel free to say hi to me in-game! HC Ryan
  6. Hc Ryan

    Hi There!

    Hi Im Ryan, 21 years old and from England. I was a old member of Crux so i thought i would come and try this server out has it has some of the old players from Crux here! Feel free to message me in-game and say hi, p.s old name on Crux was ''Macklinn''