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  1. Thejoyfull

    donar scrolls

    I support this idea gives people who can’t afford to donate a chance to still get rank.
  2. Thejoyfull

    Rank Requests

  3. Thejoyfull

    Complete Staff Feedback

    5chris7 cool dude get along well with him stimulants whats there not to love. faihtles cant say anything bad about him chill dude. coffeemouse this dude has some serious gambling issues lmfaoooo but fun to hang around with all in all the staff are great havnt got a bad word to say about any of them always treated me with respect
  4. Thejoyfull

    Loot from 150 Barrelchest kills

    i get more scrolls of this newby monster then anything. he hates me and vithulan
  5. Thejoyfull

    the comeback is real

    how you loose? been staking?😂
  6. Thejoyfull

    the comeback is real

    Looking good my man! I’ll have to post up a bank pic sooon after I’ve been grinding a bit longer 😁
  7. Thejoyfull

    Loot from 28 caskets

    yeah man, you got any more videos lined up or in the process?
  8. Thejoyfull

    Loot from 28 caskets

    good work bud been wondering if you'd get anything decent from them if i let them pile up.