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    Unfortunately, the ::prices, arent very accurate anymore.. I feel we need to update the page, and also add in a !pc: item and have it display GP and BM values. Just food for thought.. Prices are inaccurate, this would help ingame play also aswell as stabilizing prices. -Pep
  3. Pepsifien

    Inactivity lately

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to say sorry for the Inactivity on my part lately. Been super busy IRL, Fiance had a few teeth taken out, so never took time for Gaming (Hope you all understand why lol) but I should be more active again very soon! Hope to see you all out there! -Pep
  4. Pepsifien

    Pepsifiens Goals

    well, I do plan to max eventually, buttttt, these are my Goals as of now, with current stats ect.
  5. Pepsifien

    Pepsifiens Goals

    I'm in extreme mode so I believe 10%.
  6. Pepsifien

    Pepsifiens Goals

    Thank you my guy! I know, I want the pets so bad though!!! DREAMS! hahah
  7. Pepsifien

    Pepsifiens Goals

    Well, here it is.. My extensive Goal list.. Items, and Skills.. Items; Tbow, ACB, FUll Arma, BlowPipe, Full 3rd Age Melee and Kiteshield, Full Justicar, Ags and Claws. (so far, this is all I can think of for items) Stats; 99 Slayer, prayer, Theiving, Agility, Hunter, and Herblore. Pets; KBD, Arma, Bandos, Jad, Zulrah, Vorkath.
  8. Pepsifien


    Hey Everyone, Its PepsiFien here I just wanted to say I've been playing Havoc on and off for a little while now (prob a month or two) but I only get to play like Tuesday through Friday I enjoy the Server, and the Majority of players (omg a shoe excluded ) *JUST KIDDING* I always try to help other players in need, and especially when New to the server. If anyone needs anything, please feel free to DM me ingame, or even Discord, I will do my best to accommodate you in your time of need. I will one day be going for Server Support, and then hopefully I can one day be a Moderator (Side note, I would like to say Ako, Rhys, and Vith, should all be Moderators. Great people, amazing help and generosity. Just food for thought from me there) Anyway, im off here for a bit, gonna go do some stuff Irl. Hope you all have a great day( or night, whenever ya read this) Enjoy your gaming, wreak some Havoc -Pep
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    Great idea, dont know if this has been Implemented yet, or if it will, but should be looked at if not.
  10. Pepsifien

    Drops for non pker's

    I would have to agree with this.. I've spent hours doing pvm, for pointless drops that even the shop doesnt buy for anything.. My suggestions; Add some Skilling items to drop tables (or increase current rate of skilling items, Gems, herbs, ect) Also, maybe more Edible drops, from bigger bosses. (Arma, Nex, Zulrah?) -Pep