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  1. Ali

    Staff Update 18/03/2018

    Sucks Dice
  2. Ali

    Worst grind by far

    The worse grind will be when you aim for that 200m agility
  3. Ali

    goodbye from the hcim meme

    He’s quitting? Lol
  4. Ali

    lost hci due to bugs

    You can tell from like the very first kill about the bug... you shouldn’t have gone, especially being a hcim. Good luck however.
  5. Ali

    Rs pking + Ags pk

    plan on making a 3rd havoc vid for video contest
  6. Ali

    Video Contest

    Cool my 3rd vid is almost done just hard to find clips. Question, is it fine if there’s a couple of clips from previous source (like 1/4th of what I have atm)
  7. Ali

    Havoc.ps Pk vid #3

    Nice vid. btw, you’re #15 osrs video has been on my playlist for music lol, amazing beat :).
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  8. Ali

    AB = Free loot

    W’s luck finally ran out Nice pks
  9. Ali

    Please read ;

  10. Bought with my own money, wasn’t worth it though and thanks for the nice comments guys
  11. No rumors.. also enjoy the video, havoc 2! if you haven't watched the first feel free to do so (was focusing on pure nhing) Next one will probably be hybrid or dhing, let me know what you guys prefer next. Note: all items on my account(s) are legit & achieved legitly and is not apart of my admin account in any shape or form.
  12. Ali

    Right click Bug

    Question, do you use a MacBook? Please let us know, and good job bread!
  13. Ali

    u kno #1

    Welfare loot ?? nice start I guess you’re working ur way up
  14. Ali

    Malediction Ward Bug

    Contact Ceylon or Ancient to switch out for proper ID, sorry for the inconvenience. This is on our list to be fixed until then, Ali.
  15. Ali

    Havov Pking 1

    Thought I'd gather some clips before I sleep, hope you guys enjoy ps: I noticed my editing issue, ignore it please