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  1. Hypomaniac

    Bank pic #1 "The wealthy tab"

    Nice bank tab! 😁
  2. Hypomaniac

    Sin of Pride, Escanor

    ''Died to bork'' damn thats some badluck.. Goodluck with your account goals!
  3. Hypomaniac

    UIM Unnoting 'X' Amount

    I agree.
  4. Hypomaniac

    Staff Update - 10/09/2018

    Welcome to the team Jake & Skull and congratz with the promotions.
  5. Hypomaniac

    Crack (10x) HCIM Progress/Goals

    Nice progress & account.
  6. Hypomaniac

    Havoc Advertisement Banners!

    Looks great!
  7. Hypomaniac


    Welcome back Rhys! 😬
  8. Hypomaniac

    Tribrid Tournament 18 september

    Tribrid Tournament: The Tribrid Tournament will be held in a remote location, the gear you use will not be provided by us. If your opponent is not there by (14:50 EST) (Server time) your opponent will be disqualified and you will pass through to the next round. Event Will start (18 September 15:00 PM) (server time). Gear Setup: The following items are allowed to be replaced for a different item: Dragon Dagger: Any type of godsword, claws Unholy book: Spirit shield Staff of Light: Ancient staff, Ahrims staff Ahrims: Mystic, Enchanted Climbing boots: Mystic boots, Infinity boots Ring of recoil: Berserker ring, Archers ring, Seers ring Abyssal whip: Dragon Scimitar Fury: Glory Dragon defender: Rune defender, dragon sq shield Barrows gloves: Combat bracelet Prayer: You are not allowed to use the curse prayers however, overheads are allowed. Food: -Manta ray can be replaced for sharks -Karambwans can be replaced for manta ray or sharks Potions: Brews can be replaced for manta ray or sharks sanfews can be replaced for restores super strength can be replaced for a (super) combat potion. There will be a five brew cap. Using a rune pouch is not allowed during this event. Rules: - This tournament is a sign up tournament only you cannot participate unless you have signed up. - Teleporting out mid fight will result in a 3 hour jail sentence. Rules are here to be followed not broken. - Any player that is participating in the tournament is not to be attacked or ragged by other players. They are there to compete for a prize not be trolled. Anyone caught doing this will be jailed until the end of the tournament. - A bracket will be generated and players will be called out to fight with a moderator witnessing and invents to be checked prior to the fight, any items that are not permitted will lead in a DQ from the event. - Having more than one account entered into the tournament will end in disqualification. Any of these rules broken you will be disqualified from the event. Prizes Congratulations to: 1st = 15k Blood money: Mediocre 2nd = 10k Blood money: Fewz 3rd = 5k Blood money: Acb Comment Your Havoc name to be entered into the Tournament.
  9. Hypomaniac

    finally the zulrah welfare guide

    Nice guide! ?
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  10. Hypomaniac


    Welcome to Havoc! Enjoy your stay bud! ?
  11. Hypomaniac

    Iron Mewmia's Introduction

    Welcome to Havoc! Enjoy your stay buddy.
  12. Hypomaniac


    Would be great to see some Havoc content! goodluck.
  13. Hypomaniac

    Levels 92-92 Slayer Progress

    Goodluck with the slayer grind!
  14. Hypomaniac

    Hybrid Tournament (22/04/2019)

    Nice! I will be there. IGN: Hypomaniac
  15. Hypomaniac

    Road from 92-99 Realism Slayer

    I'm interested to see some juicy loots! Goodluck with the grind buddy.
  16. Hypomaniac

    Dharoks Tournament 15/04/2018

  17. Hypomaniac

    Wilderness Slayer

    Nice guide Jero!
  18. Hypomaniac

    Idiot Dragon

    Gz with the d kite buddy
  19. Hypomaniac

    Tormented Demons Beginner's guide

    Nice guide buddy.
  20. Hypomaniac

    My setup:

    Nice setup buddy!
  21. Hypomaniac


    Welcome Indominus!
  22. Hypomaniac


    Atleast you got a unique item..
  23. Hypomaniac

    New goal ;p

    Goodluck with the grind!
  24. Hypomaniac

    Road to...

    Good luck!
  25. Hypomaniac

    Set up 2 step Auth :D

    Nice guide