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    Havoc.ps Pk vid #1

    The video overall was solid, although a few tweaks could put it over the top! Firstly, understanding the importance of primary and recency effect can have a huge impact on video quality. What this means is, start with a great intro, end with a great outtro. You definitely killed the intro, but throwing in an outtro bring everything together. Secondly, quality over quantity. Your viewers attention can easily be maintained over a shorter period of time, especially if you make your focus producing small amounts of high quality content rather than a large amount of lower end stuff. That said, transitions and others effects can add a finishing touch to the quality of your video. Other than a few criticisms, I think you're off to a good start in your video making journey. Keep it up dude!
  2. Prototype

    2 days of Dharok pking

    Absolutely dirty mate, keep it up.