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  1. Dice_MCC

    Not received my donation credits.

  2. Morning. I used the in game username "Dice" - However on the forums the username "Dice" had already been taken by someone else for some reason. So I have to create this profile "Dice_MCC" I used this account and username to purchase items from the Store and when it asked me to enter my username I entered my Ingame nice "Dice" Now I have no donation credits anywhere to used. Please can you advise.
  3. Dice_MCC

    Count to 1,000,000

  4. Dice_MCC

    The Big Update

    Highscores going to go live?
  5. Dice_MCC

    The Big Update

    With all due respect I have more than a lot of things to say about this, including the legality of the money side of this all, however I'll settle that another day. Why the hell didn't you do all of this before you advertised the server, you've risked your entire player base because of sheer shortsightedness. This is meant to be a business and it's being run so reactivate. Sort it out. Also don't make a gambling area. Just keep it at Edge, It's annoying enough spamming the "Help" CC for trade. If you remove the option for it to happen in Edge Hosts will lose all foot trade, and that's where most money comes from.
  6. Dice_MCC

    Game Updates - 11/26/2017

  7. Dice_MCC

    Game Updates - 11/23/2017

    Klep any chance you can add to the duel arena announcement to say who won the duel also?
  8. Dice_MCC

    Basilisk Location for Slayer

    Ok it's been debated if Basilisks where actually in game or not. So here is their location. level 10/11 Wilderness east of "West Green Dragons" photo web hosting
  9. Dice_MCC

    Count to 1,000,000

  10. Dice_MCC

    Forum Suggestions

  11. Dice_MCC

    Game Updates - 11/23/2017

    Good Work
  12. Dice_MCC

    Some bugs/glitches that need to be fixed.

    Fix report abuse button Implement customer control (Above helpers below mods) rank to deal with abuse reports - any that require further attention can go up to admins. Fix agility tickets to trade again Dragon chain body is unwearable.
  13. Dice_MCC

    Game Updates - 11/17/2017

    Top Draw
  14. Dice_MCC

    Report Button & Agility Tickets

    Simple As; Report button doesn't work, and the agility tickets are not not working. Just FYI.