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  1. Dice_MCC

    Not received my donation credits.

  2. Morning. I used the in game username "Dice" - However on the forums the username "Dice" had already been taken by someone else for some reason. So I have to create this profile "Dice_MCC" I used this account and username to purchase items from the Store and when it asked me to enter my username I entered my Ingame nice "Dice" Now I have no donation credits anywhere to used. Please can you advise.
  3. Dice_MCC

    Count to 1,000,000

  4. Dice_MCC

    Basilisk Location for Slayer

    Ok it's been debated if Basilisks where actually in game or not. So here is their location. level 10/11 Wilderness east of "West Green Dragons" photo web hosting
  5. Dice_MCC

    Count to 1,000,000

  6. Dice_MCC

    Some bugs/glitches that need to be fixed.

    Fix report abuse button Implement customer control (Above helpers below mods) rank to deal with abuse reports - any that require further attention can go up to admins. Fix agility tickets to trade again Dragon chain body is unwearable.
  7. Dice_MCC

    Report Button & Agility Tickets

    Simple As; Report button doesn't work, and the agility tickets are not not working. Just FYI.