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  1. Crux

    Loadout bug

    If you don't have the items in the bank the preset will not spawn them for you. You need the items already in your bank.
  2. Crux


    Elaborate, please?
  3. Crux

    Rune Pouch Bug

    You can only store 16k of any rune
  4. Crux

    basket of eggs

    Not a bug?
  5. Crux

    died to glod and lost status?

    The Yak did more damage
  6. Crux

    BGS Spec

    Unable to replicate. Any more info?
  7. Crux

    bug with overloads

    Overloads reapply its affect every minute or so, if you go into the wilderness or use other stat boosting effects you will be dropped down, however the overload will take affect again on the next stat update. Not a bug, thanks for the report though.
  8. Crux

    Stringing magic longbows

  9. How to cash out your Havoc gold for OSRS gold A brief overview of how this process works: You MUST use a middleman, unofficial RWT of ANY sort is prohibited and WILL result in 365 day non-negotiable global ban for ALL PARTIES involved in the trade. Items on the account(s) are subject to confiscation All cash-outs are strictly for Havoc GP in the form of 250m Tickets for OSRS GP. You may not cash-out with any other form of currency. You must use 250m Tickets. If you do not, this is considered an unofficial RWT. See bullet 1 for consequences. All middlemen are to be paid a 10% fee of the OSRS amount for being the middleman of your trade. This fee can be taken out of the amount paid or one of the trading parties can pay the fee. It is up to you during the trade how you want the fee to be paid. This is not optional and is always 10%. Never 8%, 12% or 5%. 10%, flat. All the time. Middlemen are not to show discrimination. Middlemen will never grant a favor or not accept the fee, this is not fair to others who are expected to pay a fee. If a middleman does not take a fee this is considered an unofficial RWT, even if everything else about the trade is legitimate. See bullet 1 for consequences. Finding a middleman: You can find a middleman by using ::staff. The following ranks are ALLOWED to middleman Owner Developer Community Manager Advisor Global Moderator Game Moderator Any other rank is NOT allowed to perform a middleman trade Using a middleman, do and don't: Do not request a middleman if you and your partner have not agreed on a deal Do not go AFK when performing the deal Do not request a middleman until you and your partner are both logged into RuneScape with a meeting location Do not ask multiple staff members for a middleman until you receive a response Do be respectful and patient with your middleman, they have other priorities and are also human Where can I get 250m Tickets?: Talk to Meegle, inside home bank, to exchange 250m cash for a 250m ticket. Can I receive 250m tickets from my items? You must sell your items for Havoc gold to exchange for 250m tickets, items may not be real world traded under any circumstances. If you have any other questions please reply to this thread, I will add questions and answers to a FAQ section. Best regards, Havoc Administration team.
  10. Crux

    Warriors Guild

    Was fixed right after patch, needed to reload your client
  11. Crux

    Loading - please wait...

    Was fixed right after patch, needed to reload your client
  12. Crux

    A list op bugs/glitches

    - Players are unable to chop oak trees at the woodcutting teleport spot. Fixed - Bank booths (In Seers Village) aren't working. Players have to right-click a banker before being able to acces a bank. Fixed - Sometimes you can't see how many monsters you have to kill in the quest tab because the name of the NPC you have to slay is too long. Fixed - When dying to an NPC you have to buy your items back at Death. However, when you get killed by an NPC in the wilderness you can just pick up your items from the ground. Not a bug - A lot of people are having issues opening or loading the Havoc client. Known - Sometimes your health heals op to 100 hp. How? - Tormented Demons do not have a drop table. ? Yes they do? - Change "Players Pking" to "Players in Wilderness". Not a bug - When leaving the wilderness you immediately lose your target. Untrue, when you leave the boundaries of Edgeville you lose your target. - You can pull levers without standing in the spot in front of the lever. (you can pull a lever like 4 squares away from it) Fixed
  13. Crux


    WinRAR is taking priority over Java. You need to right click and click run with then select Java
  14. Crux


    This is how it is on oldschool, no intentions of changing it. Not a bug
  15. We can resolve this. Need to know who your main account is first.