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  1. Greetings Havoc community members! Another patch today, apologies for the quick succession between patches, we had two weeks of work lined up and were not planning on having to delay the initial update however due to unforeseen issues with our website that was not the case. Server updates: Fix bug with manually closed sanctions not actually being closed Skotizo will now drop imbued rings Fix Catherby and other doors stuck closed Reduced amount of buffer time when in an instance Imbuement scrolls are no longer tradeable Blood necklace now gives +6 strength (previously +1) Cheaters will no longer show up on the leaderboards *Cough* @Uhm Fix npc damage map for ironmemes Store updates: The Well of Good Will ticket has been permanently reduced in price to 100 points (from 200) The Well of Good Will ticket is on sale for 40% off The Super Mystery Box is no longer on sale We have added a Supply Crate which grants only skilling supplies When opening the crate you get 10 items Resources range from grimy herbs, logs, gems, raw fish, ore, dragon hide, etc Possible to receive cosmetic items Pyromancer garb Pyromancer robe Pyromancer boots Pyromancer hood Bruma torch Warm gloves The Pyromancer set gives a 50% Firemaking experience boost when the full set is worn Turning in the entire pyromancer set to an administrator will yield a GP reward of 8,000,000,000, if you're interested. You can also keep it or sell to other players Search the drop table for "Supply crate" to see the drop table The Supply Crate is temporarily on sale for 20% off Website updates: Leaderboards are now live! Overall, wilderness overall and top pker information is all displayed! View them here: Best regards, Havoc Administration team.
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    Game Updates - 05/11/2018

    Hello Havoc community members! Some requested QoL, PvP improvements and as always bug fixes this week. This path occurred when the website was down, I have just gotten around to making the thread, apologies for the delay. Server updates: You can no longer wield the max, completionist or other capes without the requirements You can no longer purchase skillcapes by boosting your stats above 99 by using a potion The escape Agility obstacle south of Lava dragons has been added. It requires 74 Agility In/out of combat timers have been reworked entirely in order to completely correct x-logging in combat Npc kill timers disregard really quick kill times (< 5 seconds) Npc kill timers disregard really long kill times (> 10 mins) The level 40 wilderness teleport to the Revenant caves has been moved closer to the entrance Players with the completionist/achievement cape will notice their capes have been unequipped. You can find your capes in your inventory or bank. If both were full, you will have to repurchase the cape. Good luck hunting that last achievement! Death/killer mechanic changes: The way NPC damage works has been changed. On death, if you were not killed by a player, the last Npc that did any amount of damage to you will be considered your killer. This is to prevent issues arising with Glod/Bandos avatar not being your killer even if they dealt the last hit The last hit dealt to you by an Npc is stored for 5 minutes, after that it is forgotten Game modes: Ironmemes can now access a simplified version of the blood money untradeables and supplies store PK game mode can now switch their Slayer master from Krystilia. All Slayer masters are available Item imbuing has been added: Item imbuement scrolls are untradeable You can purchase an imbuement scroll from Pest Pontrol You can purchase an imbuement scroll with Blood money from Mandirth The imbuement scroll can imbue the following items: Zamorak cape Guthix cape Saradomin cape Berserker ring Archers ring Seers ring Warrior ring Ring of the gods Treasonous ring Tyrannical ring Onyx ring If lost on dangerous death (PvP) the killer will receive half the blood money price of an imbuement scroll and the ring will be lost An achievement has been added which is "Imbue 3 items" Due to this, (kept on death) rings have been removed, anyone who has one will have noticed that it is no longer available If you had a Kept on Death ring, you will have received some amount of blood money as compensation 3 new style of max capes are now obtainable: Imbued saradomin max cape Imbued guthix max cape Imbued zamorak max cape Boss instances: Npc instances have received a time limit change. The average respawn time of every Npc in your instance is now included in your time limit We have also included a 5 minute buffer to ensure you have plenty of time in your instance These changes scale by the amount of people within your instance, as well Chinchompas: Since I reworked Hunter and added black chins, I figured I'd rework their combat mechanics as well Chinchompas now have their proper explode graphic on impact Chinchompas will now target entities in a 3x3 area and hit them all if your initial hit was a success Chinchompas have an attack delay of 4 (3 on rapid) and attack distance of 8 (9 on long range) Chinchompas now give experience for every hit it does on every entity Chinchompas now have proper ranged projectiles Chinchompas now give ranged strength Chinchompas can now only target the type of entity you initially hit (i.e only players or only npcs, depending on what you hit first). Previously chinchompas attacked everything in the 3x3 square of your target Chinchompas should now be a viable range training strategy now Hunter: Hunter trapping has been completely rewritten. I chose to do this as a patch done a few updates ago caused several issues with trapping which were obviously unintended outcomes of a bug fix. The old trapping code was very old and very "touchy", as one small change broke nearly all of hunter, anyway, this is all fixed now Trapping success rate is based off the OSRS hunter success formula Traps now properly close and "shake" whereas previously they made the close and open animation repeatedly Dismantling your trap right as the Npc entered your trap will no longer cause your trap to duplicate Dismantling your trap right and then looting it (spam clicking) will no longer cause your trap to duplicate You can no longer "break" walkable tiles with traps, after pickup you would not be able to place the trap down again Black chinchompas are now accessible, you can hunt them with level 73 Hunter. Teleport there from the Hunter skill teleport. Beware: It's in level 30+ wilderness You can now have +1 traps in the wilderness (maximum 6 total at level 99) You can now train Hunter at any level at the Karamja trapping area. Dunno why this wasn't allowed before, all low level birds exist there for initial Hunter training Client updates: Fix wilderness overlay when in resize/fullscreen Fix multi way combat icon when in reszize/fullscreen "Player wishes to duel with you" text is now in the correct font The Hunter level up interface is no longer shown on top of the duel interface when in resizable/fullscreen The Hunter level up interface is now present when leveling up Hunter. The interface got lost awhile back whenever we updated the skill interface, apologies for that Best regards, Havoc Administration team
  3. Crux

    Game Updates - 04/27/2018

    Greetings Havoc community members. This patch contains some balancing updates as well as more route finding related fixes as well as the usual bug fixes. Server updates: Kills/deaths/killstreaks have been reset. This was necessary as we implemented a new tracking system for wilderness leaderboards We are now tracking highest killstreak, this will be used for wilderness leaderboards All skills are now being tracked for leaderboards, all this data is being stored now so when leaderboards launch there will be no delay in populating them The Ava's accumulator will now save ammunition at a higher rate (about 30% more often) The Ava's max cape will now save ammunition at the same rate as an Ava's accumulator Protect from magic will no longer block dragonfire from Frost dragons, Lava dragons, metal dragons and brutal dragons Lava dragons can now deal long ranged dragonfire Bounty hunter: You now have the option to not participate in bounty hunter, this will remove the entire bounty hunter hud from your screen. Speak to the Emblem trader to toggle this option You will no longer be penalized for leaving Edgeville with a target A two-minute timer is started when you exit the wilderness and will remain no matter where you go, whereas previously you could not leave Edgeville with a target You will no longer receive the blood money message twice when killing your target Combat-related: It is no longer possible to stack magic attacks using smoke spells Traveling spells (i.e ice blitz, ice barrage etc) now have a correct attack delay based on the distance away from your opponent you are Ice blitz now has a variable damage delay, previous always took 5 ticks to land Combat experience is no longer x10 in any situation (this also corrects XP drops in PvP) Crossbow bolts no longer come from seemingly random locations and instead come out of your crossbow You can no longer cross agility obstacles while frozen Logout mechanics have changed slightly to prevent becoming invulnerable before you're actually off screen Divine Spirit Shield: The passive damage reduction is now performed after protection prayer damage reduction (thus resulting in slightly less overall damage reduction). 6% of the reduced damage will be removed from your prayer points, if you do not have enough prayer points no damage reduction will be performed Blood necklace: Has had its stats nerfed significantly The passive healing effect has changed, it now heals 5% of dealt damage 100% of the time (previously 15% of the damage dealt 25% of the time) Route finding: More optimizations to various route finding algorithms, specifically: Entity inside entity Finding closest traversable perimeter tile around an entity Finding tiles that an entity occupies Route finding fixes You should no longer be forced to walk near a target when you have run enabled When running in for a melee attack from a distance you will no longer stop 2 spaces away, attack, then move near the opponent When standing inside an NPC or an NPC is standing inside of you they should now move to a suitable tile that is not inside of you Best regards, Havoc Administration team
  4. Crux

    Quality of Life Suggestions

    Combat/skill related daily tasks are only given if you have the required skills. I think level 100 combat is required to receive a Nex/Corp daily
  5. Crux

    Game Updates - 04/23/2018

    Greetings Havoc community members! Not a huge update this week, however I took a giant chunk of time out to completely overhaul our route finding system for both PvP and PvM. Moving forward I will be focusing on more PvP related elements. Server updates: Corrected a bug which allowed you to skip waves within The Inferno Fix gorillas switching combat type/prayers when safe spotted Wrath runes can now be in the rune pouch Dragons can no longer melee out of melee distance Fix typo in "Living Rock Striker" name Fix typo in half price well event notification Nex attack distance has been increased to reach the entire room Wrath rune experience increased to 25 per rune (previously 😎 Fix "You can't reach that" on several objects that you indeed can reach Fix wilderness ditch interaction (much more fluid, will no longer not let you pass sometimes) Fix wilderness ditch near the black knight's fortress Added correct safe zone near the black knight's fortress A few pets that slipped through that were tradeable have been fixed Hunter box trapping has been fixed An issue with x-logging while under combat has been fixed Route finding Route finding has been rewritten from the ground up, previously we had lots of issues with our route finding, it consisted mostly of really old legacy code that was poorly optimized and thrown together to a "barely" working state. I'm aware that this has been a hot topic for quite some time, however, it was a very grueling task that would take me several days if not over a week to complete. Since the focus has turned to PvP updates, I figured it was time to dig right into it and set to work The algorithm which determines whether or not you are inside another entity or vice versa has been optimized and corrected The algorithm which determines the number of spaces an entity takes up and which determines their perimeter has been optimized Projectile route finding has been optimized using a quick and efficient line algorithm which draws points on the map to best determine the line-of-sight of a projectile You can no longer attack with melee diagonally You can no longer attack while standing atop of another player You will now (as found by our test cases) always find the best path to attack your target, no dancing or other weird movements should occur In general, finding a route to your target is smoother, more fluid and feels like it should Prayer flicking and draining Prayer flicking has been made more accurate to RuneScape Prayer drain rates and the drain rate formula is now the same as RuneScape as per the information released by Mod Ash on his Twitter Special thanks to these individuals for helping on our test servers the last 10 days to assist with the development of this project, in no particular order: @Avi @Checked @Rasta @Uhm @Drops @[email protected] @N0m4g3 @THE NEW KID @Heist @Zap Best regards, Havoc Administration team
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    Max Hit Dummy

    ??? There is nothing wrong with the ::maxhit command.
  7. Crux

    Last problem with presets!

    This is not currently possible to configure with our current preset system.
  8. Crux

    Game Updates - 04/11/2018

    Greetings Havoc community members! I'd like to apologize for the delay in this patch as there were some engine issues that we needed to sort out with our new interface system. Server updates: Serialized attribute system has received an internal revamp Micro optimizations to location fetching for mobs Region fixes when checking if a tile is blocked Changes made to the shopping system which allows shops to have player specific shops instead of global only (needed to fix an exploit) Remove some debug lines Fix crash when picking up flowers with no inventory space Random npc diversion will no longer switch primary targets Random npc diversion will now switch states more frequently Item requirements are now respected when equipping from a preset Fixed a really bad invisibility exploit that occurred with skillcape emotes, emotes needed to be rewritten and all existing skillcapes removed from the game. You can repurchase skillcapes from the Wise old Man Fixed account migrations not clearing placeholders correctly Fix an issue with the "replaceAll" migration Normal rune essence is now supported for Runecrafting (dunno why it wasn't before) The Ring of forging now properly always lands success when smelting iron Searching clue nests now grants the empty birds nest as well as the clue Spiritual magers at bandos now count towards bandos killcount Manually decanting potions now respects the slot of the potions you interacted with rather than always decanting the potions on the top row Route finding against npcs that are bigger than 1x1 has been improved Heavy and light ballista special attacks have been corrected and received a buff Store changes Super mystery boxes are now on sale for a limited time 12 new items have been added to the boxes Easter related items have been removed from the boxes, thus considering them discontinued Daily events/WOGW Wednesday is now half price well events Double blood money well event has been removed Double blood money daily event has been removed from the weekend Demonic/Tortured gorilla changes All known safespots have been corrected Corrected stats for the gorillas The entire cave is now multi combat You can no longer use any curse prayer inside the cave Gorillas not switching combat types/protection prayers after taking damage has been fixed Gorillas now drop the Zenyte shard Use an uncut Onyx on the Zenyte to produce an Uncut zenyte, which you can craft and enchant into jewelry Hunter All trapping code has been optimized, these changes were for pre-development for Black chins which are coming out soon Box traps should no longer bug out Npcs that path into the trap will be caught rather than them just 'teleporting' into the trap Timings have been corrected with box traps Jewelry crafting Jewelry crafting has received a brand new interface that is easier to use Bracelet crafting has been added Use a bracelet mold on a furnace Zenyte jewelry crafting has been added Wrath RuneCrafting has been added You can find Wrath talismans from various Slayer bosses New normal magic spellbook has been added You can now autocast any combat spell within the spellbook With the addition of Wrath runes and the new spellbook, we didn't forget surge spells, which have also been added Level 7 enchant has also been added for your Zenyte jewelry Doors and gates Doors and gates now have an anti-spam mechanic similar to OSRS Closing doors/gates more than 5 times within a 10 second interval will block you from closing any other doors/gates for 10 seconds You can still open doors/gates while this cooldown is active Closing another door/gate before you reach 5 closes will reset the interval to a fresh 10 seconds Corp Core will no longer perma despawn if you teleport away after it spawns Corp will no longer stomp everyone else except for the person under it Added several skill action logs Flowers harvested Allotments harvested Herbs harvested Seeds planted Bird nests found Trees cut Logs added to fires Fires created Fish cooked Fish caught Note: These are already tracked from last patch so you haven't lost any progress Pets Pet mechanics have changed slightly, you will now be notified when you roll another pet when you have a pet When receiving a pet, it will first try to spawn behind you if you have no pet, otherwise it will go into your inventory. If you have no room in your inventory and if you have a pet out you will not receive the pet Baby mool pet added to Giant mole Pet snakeling from Zulrah has received a graphical update Chaos Elemental Jr. has been added to Chaos Fanatic Chaos Elemental Jr. has also received a graphical update Vet'ion Jr. has been added to Vet'ion Callisto cub pet added to Callisto Scorpia's offspring pet has been added to Scorpia Venenatis spiderling pet has been added to Venenatis Slayer Kurask Kurask now require leaf bladed weaponry or broad ammo in order to be damaged Kurask now have a drop table Giant mole 3 Giant mole spawns have been added in a multi area of the revenant caves Giant mole is now available as a boss Slayer task Giant mole is now available as a Wilderness slayer task Giant mole will drop Ranger boots/Robin hood hat Venenatis now counts towards a giant spider task Demonic/Tortured gorillas are now available as a standalone boss task You can now kill tortured gorillas on a black demons task Best regards, Havoc Administration team
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    Game Updates - 04/11/2018

    Check out the drop table interface, it shows you
  10. Crux

    Higher donator zones

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  11. Crux

    WOGW Revamp

    I dig it, really needs to be fresh, done
  12. Crux

    Game Updates - 03/27/2018

    Happy Easter Havoc! The Easter bunny has come to visit us, see what he's up to and perhaps help him out for a reward. Server updates: Easter event has been added, find the Easter bunny in Edgeville Reward is bunny suit Several Easter themed items have been placed in our store, these items will only be here for a LIMITED TIME Easter ring (turns you into an Egg) Easter carrot Basket of Eggs Easter egg helm Rubber chicken Bunny ears Easter egg This is a new mystery box, it rolls similarly to the Super Mystery Box except that it only rolls 1 item. You could get any of the above Easter rewards, most of the stuff from a Super Mystery Box or the brand new Thok's sword (essentially a 1 handed primal 2h, speed of a long sword) Added skilling action logs, we now keep track of pretty much everything you do while skilling. If you want anything else tracked, post a suggestion or let me know Mob kill timers have been added for a variety of npcs, if you want any other npcs added to the tracker, let me know Cases when you land a freeze and the opponent is immediately unfrozen have been corrected You can no longer skip any target while you are in combat. You must be out of combat for at least 10 seconds before skipping your target Ranged projectile corrections when using dragon arrows with a bow other than dark bow Added [ Click for Well of Good Will info ] in the player panel (quest tab) Fix crash when examining npcs that no longer exist Fix crash when interacting with objects in non-existent regions Ranked members now get a bonus in slayer points: Elder +1 Alpha +2 Royal +4 Divine +6 Legendary +7 Renowned +8 Celestial +10 Client updates: Rune textures in the spellbook have been corrected Drop down menus have received a facelift Old: New: Best regards, Havoc Administration team
  13. Crux

    Loadout bug

    If you don't have the items in the bank the preset will not spawn them for you. You need the items already in your bank.
  14. Crux


    Elaborate, please?
  15. Crux

    Rune Pouch Bug

    You can only store 16k of any rune
  16. Crux

    basket of eggs

    Not a bug?
  17. Crux

    died to glod and lost status?

    The Yak did more damage
  18. Crux

    Help/Trade CC

    You can now trade in any CC you wish (help included), personally have had enough of this discussion
  19. Crux

    Game Updates - 03/27/2018

    Those exist??
  20. Crux

    Game Updates - 03/23/2018

    Greetings Havoc community members. Small additional patches and some hotfixes from the earlier update. Fix Edgeville invader not respawning Fix shopping exploit Fix crashing issue with instanced bossing party Optimized instance bossing party kick/invite system Best regards, Havoc Administration team
  21. Crux

    BGS Spec

    Unable to replicate. Any more info?
  22. Crux

    bug with overloads

    Overloads reapply its affect every minute or so, if you go into the wilderness or use other stat boosting effects you will be dropped down, however the overload will take affect again on the next stat update. Not a bug, thanks for the report though.
  23. How to cash out your Havoc gold for OSRS gold A brief overview of how this process works: You MUST use a middleman, unofficial RWT of ANY sort is prohibited and WILL result in 365 day non-negotiable global ban for ALL PARTIES involved in the trade. Items on the account(s) are subject to confiscation All cash-outs are strictly for Havoc GP in the form of Platinum tokens for OSRS GP. You may not cash-out with any other form of currency. You must use Platinum tokens. If you do not, this is considered an unofficial RWT. See bullet 1 for consequences. All middlemen are to be paid a 10% fee of the OSRS amount for being the middleman of your trade. This fee can be taken out of the amount paid or one of the trading parties can pay the fee. It is up to you during the trade how you want the fee to be paid. This is not optional and is always 10%. Never 8%, 12% or 5%. 10%, flat. All the time. Middlemen are not to show discrimination. Middlemen will never grant a favor or not accept the fee, this is not fair to others who are expected to pay a fee. If a middleman does not take a fee this is considered an unofficial RWT, even if everything else about the trade is legitimate. See bullet 1 for consequences. Finding a middleman: You can find a middleman by using ::staff. The following ranks are ALLOWED to middleman Owner Developer Community Manager Advisor Global Moderator Game Moderator Any other rank is NOT allowed to perform a middleman trade Using a middleman, do and don't: Do not request a middleman if you and your partner have not agreed on a deal Do not go AFK when performing the deal Do not request a middleman until you and your partner are both logged into RuneScape with a meeting location Do not ask multiple staff members for a middleman until you receive a response Do be respectful and patient with your middleman, they have other priorities and are also human Where can I get platinum tokens?: Use coins on a banker or bank booth to receive platinum tokens Can I receive platinum tokens from my items? You must sell your items for Havoc gold to exchange for platinum tokens, items may not be real world traded under any circumstances. If you have any other questions please reply to this thread, I will add questions and answers to a FAQ section. Best regards, Havoc Administration team.
  24. Crux

    Disable level up popups

    Plot twist, isn't a bug. Was an intentional change.
  25. Crux

    Game Updates - 03/14/2018

    Greetings Havoc community members! Small list of patches today, unfortunately. The majority of my work this week went towards the engine in order to support the Chambers of Xeric, which will officially begin work soon. I have no ETA as this is a large project and I'm just one lad. Normal content updates and additions will continue, however. Server updates: New donator ranks have received benefits: Legendary/Renowned/Celestial gain a Daily Task reset every 1 completed task Legendary/Renowned/Celestial have a base blood money amount of 20 Legendary/Renowned/Celestial have a yell delay of 20, 10 and 0 seconds, respectively Legendary/Renowned/Celestial base loyalty points are 5, 6 and 7 respectively Legendary/Renowned/Celestial coal bag capacity is extended by 40, 50 and 60 respectively Legendary/Renowned/Celestial can obtain up to 5 free instance scrolls Legendary/Renowned/Celestial now have the maximum drop rate increase, 15% Legendary/Renowned/Celestial now have 6, 7 and 8 Ecumenical keys respectively Noted bone drops have changed Elder no longer has any chance at receiving noted bones Any rank Alpha and above always get noted bones from every monster This feature can be toggled on and off using ::toggle-bone-note Godwars kill count has changed No rank - 30 kills Elder/Alpha - 20 kills Royal - 10 kills Divine - 5 kills Legendary/Renowned/Celestial - 0 kills Instance scrolls that are located in the wilderness can now be used by anyone, not just ironmen. However you cannot purchase an instance that is located within the wilderness if you're not an ironman, this has not changed Fixed a fairly common bottleneck that occurred when changing regions Fix hit stacks not showing up (dragon claws, veng combos, etc) You can no longer send trade requests "too quickly" (super annoying) Client updates: Added the orange M crown for @Rasta (Community Manager) Lots of engine improvements and changes to support random/procedural/dynamic map generation (required for raids, construction, etc) Example: The renderer has been fixed to support actual FOV from your character without making surrounding regions turn black, also been working on a FOV based zoom (previously zoom simply changed how far away from your player the world was drawn, creating a zoom like effect, but doesn't really extend your field of view) Before: After: Best regards, Havoc Administration team