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  1. Ancient

    Game Updates 8/11/2018

    List of Game updates 8/11/2018 - Wilderness obelisks now work and can be assigned a Destination - Teleport to Target Spell Has been implemented for PVP - ALL Revenenants Bloodmoney Drops Have Now Been Doubled - All items now have the Correct Protection Value. - feathers have been added to the ironman supplies shop - Quest tab Panel has been Updated and got a rework - The PJ Timer in PVP has been edited to how it is on OSRS - D Defender 5K Bloodmoney Cost is now reduced to 1K Bloodmoney - Some PK Presets Changes Have Been made - Abysall Sire is now fully working again
  2. Ancient

    Game Updates 2/11/2018

    Game Updates as of 2/11/2018 - All Revenants Now Drop individual Amounts of Bloodmoney - Ironman Accounts now have Full Acces to Bloodmoney Shops - A Spec Restore pool has now been Added at ::home And can be used to restore special attack every 2 Minutes - Fixed the Wildy Level Dialogue Bug - You can Now Choose The location the Wilderness Obelisks Teleport you too with the Right Click Option - you can now see your total Donated amount to Havoc on the Quest Tab interface - The Halloween Edge Re-work and Pumpkins will stay for Another Couple days untill the next update
  3. Ancient


    Great guide Dark! a good representation of the current prices ^^
  4. Ancient

    Game Updates 5/10/2018

    List of Updates implemented: - Every Wildy Boss now gives a standard loot of 100 Bloodmoney - Soulsplit and protect from melee taken out of Zerk ::FFA - Protecting item bug has now been fixed - Some PK Preset Changes have been Added - a MAX Hit dummy has been added near ::home teleport - a ''Rest" option has now been added to regain run energy (right click run energy) - Barrelchest Anchor has been taken out of Super Myster Box - NPC Duplication Glitch has been fixed - ::open-bank command for alpha donators now works in SKillingzone - Untradeable dropping bug has Been Fixed (lost above 30+ wild and kept under 30 Wild and in Safezones) - ::FFAVoid Event has been Added - ::FFApure Event has been Added - ::FFAHybrid Event has been Added
  5. Ancient

    Considering Making Content..

    Go for it brother excited to see the content!
  6. Ancient

    * PKing K.O. of the Week event! *

    This event will be held Weekly, Can't wait for your guys's submissions!
  7. Ancient

    Havoc.ps Pk vid #2

    Rng on point, very nice gucci!
  8. Ancient

    Havoc.ps Pk vid #1

    Very nice, Would love to see more from you!