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    Game Updates 5/10/2018

    Good stuff
  2. Uhm

    Event Suggestions

    Hello Havoc Members, Many of the staff members have agreed that we should begin to host more events to create more interaction with the community and increase the player experience when playing Havoc, Now, when it comes to Events - Dharok events, hide and seeks and such are always easy options, however we'd like to hear from you the players ideas on which events you'd like to see, which events you'd be inclined to take part in and which events you feel personally to be the most fun/entertaining. If you have ideas on new events or such then please feel free to put them forward. Please remember forum rules when posting on this thread. Regards, Havoc Staff Team
  3. Uhm

    Road to... V2

    Good luck bro you got this
  4. Uhm

    Havoc Price Guide!

    Official Price Guides 13/10/2018 Made byDarklord Pks Edited by Triplem177 Barrows Dharok's Helmet 2-3m Dharok's Platebody 2-4m Dharok's Platelegs 3-5m Dharok's Greataxe 1,5-3m Set: 10-15m Guthan's Helmet 1-2m Guthan's Platebody 1-2m Guthan's Chainskirt 1-2m Guthan's Warspear 1-2m Set: 5m-8m Torag's Helmet 1m Torag's Platebody 1.5m Torag's Platelegs 2-3m Torag's Hammers 1m Set: 6m Verac's Helmet 2m Verac's Brassard 1m Verac's Plateskirt 3-5m Verac's Flail 300-600k Set: 5-8m Karil's Coif 1m Karil's top 5m Karil's Skirt 2m Karil's Crossbow 3m Set: 8-10m Ahrim's Hood 1m Ahrim's Robetop 5m Ahrim's Robeskirt 5m Ahrim's Staff 300k-1m Set: 10-12mm Godwars Armadyl Godsword 800-1000m Bandos Godsword 75-100m Saradomin Godword 50-75m Zamorak Godsword 50-75m Bandos Chestplate 125-150m Bandos Tassets 125-150m Bandos Boots 20m Armadyl Helmet 100m Armadyl Chestplate 250-300m Armadyl Chainskirt 250-300m Armadyl Crossbow 250-300m Zamorakian Spear/Hasta 75-100m Saradomin Sword 20-25m Jewellery Amulet of Fury 30-40m Occult Necklace 75m Necklace of Anguish 1000m-1200m Amulet of Torture 1000m-1200m Amulet of the damned -65-75m Seers' Ring 10m Archers' Ring 15m Berserker Ring 25m-35m Warrior ring - 10m Ring of Wealth 100-150m Arcane stream necklace - 300m-400m Boots / Sheilds / helmets Dragon Boots 2m Ranger Boots 1000m-1200m Primordial Boots 1500m+ Pegasian Boots 2500-3000m Eternal Boots 750-900m Steadfast boots - 300-400m Glavien boots - 300-400m Ragefire boots - 300-400m Serpentine Helmet 1750-2000m Dragonfire Shield 100-125m Odium Ward 35-50m Malediction Ward 35-50m Mage's Book 30m Slayer helmet - 550-600m Full slayer helmet - 1.5b-1.8b Red Full slayer helmet - 3b-3.5b Green Full slayer helmet - 5b+ Black Full slayer helmet - 4b ** slayer helmet prices are determined by rareity of NPC heads** Abby head being the easiest KBD head being medium rareity KQ head being the rarest Spirit shields Divine spirit shield - 5-6b Elysian Spirit Shield 3.5-5b Arcane Spirit Shield 2b-2.5b Spectral Spirit Shield 1000-1250m Blessed Spirit Shield 20-25m Holy Elixir 15-20m Dragon kite shield - 2b-2.5b Weapons Abyssal Whip 80-100m Staff of light 15-20m Staff of the Dead 350-400m Toxic Staff of the Dead 1250-1300m Trident of the Seas 1250-1500m Trident of the Swamp 2000-2500m Toxic Blowpipe 1750-2000m Dragon Warhammer 5000m+ Chaotic longsword - 250-350m Chaotic Rapier - 550-600m Chaotic Crossbow - 400m-500m Chaotic staff- 350-400m Chaotic maul - 400m-500m Primal rapier - 1750-2000m Primal 2h - 550-600m Primal longsword - 550-600m Primal maul -650m Primal spear - N/A Primal dagger - N/A Dragon Claws 350-400m Granite maul - - 50m Ice whip mix - 6-8b Lava Whip mix - 6-8b - Pk Amours Blood money - 25-30k each Vesta chainbody - 800m-1b Vesta chainskirt - 800m-1b Vesta longsword - 800m-1b Statius Full helmet - 200-300m Statius platebody - 350-400m Statius Platelegs - 350-400m Statius Warhammer - 500-600m Morrigans coif - 150-200m Morrigans body - 350-400m Morrigans chaps - 350-400m axe's / jav = N/A Zuriels hood - 150-200m Zuriels body - 550-600m Zuriels bottoms - 550-600m Zuriels staff 500m Nex and Skotizo Torva helmet - 1B-2B Torva Platebody - 7B-8B Torva platelegs -5B-6B Set = 16B-18B Pernix cowl - 500-1B Pernix body - 5-6B Pernix chaps - 5-6B Set = 12B Virtus mask - 500-1B Virtus body - 4-5B Virtus bottoms - 4-5B Set = 8-10B Ancestral Hat N/A Ancestral Robe Top N/A Ancestral Robe Bottom N/A Rares Santa Hat 3B Black partyhat -N/A White Partyhat - 5b+ Yellow Partyhat - 5b+ Green Partyhat - 5b+ Purple Partyhat - 5b+ Blue Partyhat - 5b+ Red Partyhat - 5b+ Blue H'ween Mask 3b+ Green H'ween Mask 3b+ Red H'ween Mask 3b+ Mystery Box -100-200m Super Mystery Box 500-600m Orange hween - 15b-20b Blue Hween - 15b-20b White Hween - 15b-20b 3rd Age Melee Full Helmet 250-300m 3rd Age Melee Platebody 300-400m 3rd Age Melee Platelegs 300-400m 3rd Age Melee Kiteshield 300-400m 3rd Age Mage Robe Top 300-400m 3rd Age Mage Robe Legs 300-400m 3rd Age Range Top 250-300m 3rd Age Range Legs 250-300m Drop rate increase -1500m-2000m Primal pieces 500-800m a peice Skilling supplies Yew Log 20k ea Magic Log 50k ea Coal 1-3k ea Adamantite Ore 1k ea Adamantite Bar 15-25k ea Runite Ore 10k ea Runite Bar 35-40k ea Dragon Bones 60-70k ea Dagannoth Bones 100k ea FrostDragon Bones 125k-150k Raw sharks - 20k ea Rocktail - 60k ea Anglerfish - 45k ea Gems - down to seller Vote books = 20m each XP Lamps - 20m-25m ea Crystal Key 8-10m Loop halfs and tooth = 4m ea
  5. Uhm

    Jakeitez down

    Gainzz yoo
  6. Uhm

    Dharoks Tournament 15/04/2018

    The DH Tournament will be held in a remote location, the gear you use will not be provided by us. If your opponent is not there by 1:05PM EST (Server time) your opponent will be disqualified and you will pass through to the next round. Event will start 04/15/2018 1:00PM EST (Server time) Rules 1. A Maximum of 2 Brews per fight 2. No teleporting if low, it's a fight to death 3. No Flaming/Trolling Any of these rules broken you will be disqualified from the event. Gear setup Special Attack weapon: Dds + Granite maul Main hand weapon: Whip or Dragon scim Cape: Max cape > Fire cape > Skillcape Amulet: Amulet of torture > Amulet of fury > Amulet of glory Shield: Dragonfire shield > Dragon defender > Dragon square shield Boots: Primordial > Boots of the dragon > Rune boots Prizes 1st = 1500m 2nd = 1000m 3rd = 500m Comment Your Havoc name to be entered into the Tournament
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  7. Uhm

    Event Suggestions

    What kind of PVM events do you think will interest the community? And What type of forums event @PrySin
  8. Count me in Hentai =) i would love to try get some more ads for the server, so i'd most likely get some ads on a toplist if that would be possible
  9. Uhm

    #TG - The Greatest.

    LEADER: Generals: Uncut Chode Kek Captains: Dat Mule Zaxadaxian Recruits: - - - - CLAN RECRUITMENT QUESTIONS IGN - What's your bank worth? Do you have discord? Why do you want to join? Do you have any clan experience? CLAN PK's:
  10. Uhm

    Main account goals

    Good Luck bruh you got this!
  11. Uhm

    New HCIM!

    Try use instance scroll for nex =)
  12. Uhm

    Complete Staff Feedback

    It's nice to see all this positive feedback about the staff team =) It's a good thing knowing all the staff team are doing good aswell:) Thanks to everyone who posted in topic, to take their time and post the feedback Ly
  13. Uhm

    New HCIM!

    Good luck though man! Ima say die to Dharocks:p
  14. Uhm

    New HCIM!

    Nice to see you back =) You'll die before comp
  15. Uhm

    Havoc Price Guide!

    Adding it in now buddy
  16. Uhm

    Havoc Price Guide!

    I'll add them in now
  17. Uhm

    Staff Update 18/03/2018

    Welcome To the team LADS @FP @Run Laps Gratz on promo @coffemouse
  18. Uhm

    Real World Trading is now ILLEGAL!

    Thanks for this, So now players can fully understand the process of RWTing
  19. Uhm


    Make sure you time on your phone is Set to the correct time @Arcena
  20. Uhm

    Cant load client was told to show to admin

    http://johann.loefflmann.net/downloads/jarfix.exe Download and run this file it should fix Java for you, and you'll be able to play
  21. Uhm

    Completionist Cape Impossible To Attain

    We will get pest control fixed ASAP sorry for the inconvenience buddy @Natty
  22. Uhm

    vote bug

    Try to clear your internet browser Cache man
  23. Uhm

    First Havoc vid in a while

    Sweet nice vid bro Sad to see yah lose :'(
  24. Uhm

    Havoc Price Guide!

    Thanks for feed back guys i will add the missing items in shortly, just leave a comment of prices if they've changed thankss ill play soom soon mabey @Cameron