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  1. Pvm Vs Pvp

    $1000 end of the year prize locking topic 04/14/18

    All I ask for is $100 The reason for entering would be mainly to survive this cruel world Thank you
  2. Pvm Vs Pvp

    Donator Event

    I support! Everyone is toxic here
  3. Pvm Vs Pvp

    3 words storytime

    now broken legs
  4. Pvm Vs Pvp

    50k Frost Dragon Bones

    why do you need this many?
  5. Pvm Vs Pvp

    Gravite shortbow

    I am always right!
  6. Pvm Vs Pvp

    Fist's MSI Z370 SLI Plus Motherboard Giveaway!

    Thanks for the giveaway Fist! IGN: Pvm vs Pvp
  7. Pvm Vs Pvp

    Gravite Shortbow

    I would say, if the items are called "trolled drops" or not worth using them at all than they should be completely be removed from the game. I mean people are being scammed... 1/500 drop rate, best item in-game, i'll sell for cheep there are 500m but i'll sell for 300m for it and such n so on...
  8. Pvm Vs Pvp

    Gravite Shortbow

    First of all, the bow is a male based which should be fixed to range based because it's a bow. Second of all, the bow needs buff also it goes to majority of items dropped by Balance Elemental boss. Such as Gravite rapier/bow/spear/2h/long sword/staff etc.. it's 1/500 drop rate... make it some what better then a barrows items stats? so that way people will start buying/using them in pvp/pvm
  9. Pvm Vs Pvp

    [email protected][email protected]!

    I would like to warm welcome you to our family Divine
  10. Pvm Vs Pvp

    Bank Sale Attempt #2

    Bank Sale - Pm me in-game "Pvm vs Pvp" and first come first served. Steads boots, all blood money, all whip and ccb are sold!
  11. Pvm Vs Pvp

    WW2 Sniping Montage

    I wish they added sniping in osrs Nice video, Keep it up! Aka Dgroot
  12. Pvm Vs Pvp


    This post made my day. hahahhaaa Thanks!
  13. Pvm Vs Pvp

    Tormented Demons Beginner's guide

    Very detailed information and very accurate. Thanks for spending time to write all this.
  14. Pvm Vs Pvp

    I done did it

    Wow! how long does this take you?
  15. Pvm Vs Pvp

    Bank Sale

    Small bank sale... 1x Brawling gloves (smiting) 1x Brawling gloves (prayer) 1x Brawling gloves (mining) 1x daily-task rest certificate half keys sold... prayer gloves sold