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  1. Rasta

    Staff Update 18/03/2018

    Greetings Havoc community members, We are pleased to announce the following promotions and additions to our staff team; @Run Laps has been promoted to Server Support @FP has been promoted to Server Support @Ossenaar - Extreme Ult has been promoted to Game Moderator @Coffeemouse has been promoted to Global Moderator We would like to say farewell to these individuals who have resigned/been demoted; @Dice has been demoted from Server Support Best regards, Havoc Administration team. If anyone is intereseted in joining our staff team please follow this link https://havoc.ps/forums/index.php?/forum/11-staff-applications/ and use the formats provided to create an application, thank you.
  2. Rasta

    Thieving Guide

    And again a great guide, you're awesome at making these
  3. Rasta

    Hunter Guide

    Great guide mate, thank you for taking the time to make it
  4. Rasta

    Completionist = Complete!

    Grats dude!
  5. Rasta

    easiest grind ever

    Nice mate!
  6. Rasta


    Pic or it's not true!
  7. Rasta

    Alpha & Elder Donar tickets for sale

    I'll bump you in a minute
  8. Rasta

    I done did it

    Grats dude, now comp? ;P
  9. Rasta

    Road to TD Pet

    Grats dude! Looking forward to seeing more of your op rng
  10. Rasta

    My first ever firecape

    Grats dude! I got a friend to do mine
  11. Rasta

    Lawrence's Introduction

    Finally got one posted eh already know you well but welcome all the same dude
  12. Rasta

    Daily Event Guide

    Lovely dude, nice and easy to read. I also needed this, I kept forgetting which event was when lol so thank you very much for making this
  13. Rasta

    help please

    What's the account name?
  14. Rasta

    Clue Guide

    North of castle wars
  15. Rasta

    Kush Introduction

    Welcome dude