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  1. Avi

    Hello world

    Welcome Homiedawg
  2. Avi

    Opening 100 caskets!

    The error with your images, have you tried using a website like Imgur? Nice loots btw
  3. Avi

    Completionist cape achieved!

    Noicely done homie
  4. Avi


    Welcome Laddeh
  5. Avi

    | Road To Max UIM |

    Goodluck Borther Kkona
  6. Avi

    do torva legs even exist

    Moved thread to Buying section,
  7. Avi

    Iron Mewmia's Goals!

    Goodluck! Great layout for the post btw
  8. Avi

    Iron Mewmia's Introduction

    Welcome to Havoc I don't get ingame too often but I look forward to seeing you when I do ;P
  9. Avi


  10. Avi


    but do you have a hot brother?
  11. Avi

    IRON HELP - Ironmen only clan

    I like seeing these bits of the community, Good on ya lad
  12. Avi

    Road from 92-99 Realism Slayer

    Goodluck my dude
  13. Goodluck M'lady *tips trilby*
  14. Avi

    25$ giveaway

    Fortnite is garbage
  15. Avi

    Xbox1 players

    ... Easier for you to type "Avi" then me to type your long ass name
  16. Avi

    Xbox1 players

    No, you add me, GT is "Avi"
  17. Avi

    Music thread

    Post your tunes, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  18. Avi

    Agility guide - xp rates & shop

    They do work, Silly I really like Agility D:<
  19. Avi

    Main account goals

    pfft, nub
  20. Avi

    Staff Update 18/03/2018

    Grats to the noobs, and Nice promo Coffee, As for dice, RIP I still see you in game though which is nice
  21. Avi

    this luck!!!!

    Not bad, not bad