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  1. Avi

    Opening 100 caskets!

    The error with your images, have you tried using a website like Imgur? Nice loots btw
  2. Avi

    My fairwell

    Peace Homie ✌️
  3. Avi

    Completionist cape achieved!

    Noicely done homie
  4. Avi

    Looting bag

    ... It's made like that on OSRS too, I think it should stay that way personally. 🤷‍♂️
  5. Avi

    Pest control minimum # players

    You could solo it before in max, +1 🤷‍♂️
  6. Avi

    Game Updates pt. 2 - 05/11/2018

    W0wzeE! lOok at alL those [email protected]!
  7. Avi

    Game Updates - 05/11/2018

    *Sluuurp* *Click* Noice. Yiff Me Daddy
  8. Avi


    Welcome Laddeh
  9. Avi

    | Road To Max UIM |

    Goodluck Borther Kkona
  10. Avi

    Quality of Life Suggestions

    Don't we have a "Sell X" to gen store? I haven't played in awhile, I may be wrong
  11. Avi

    Game Updates - 04/27/2018

  12. Avi

    Game Updates - 04/27/2018

    Yeet my homiedog
  13. Avi

    do torva legs even exist

    Moved thread to Buying section,
  14. Avi

    Iron Mewmia's Goals!

    Goodluck! Great layout for the post btw
  15. Avi

    Iron Mewmia's Introduction

    Welcome to Havoc I don't get ingame too often but I look forward to seeing you when I do ;P
  16. Avi


  17. Avi


    but do you have a hot brother?
  18. Avi

    A couple suggestions and bugs

  19. Avi

    IRON HELP - Ironmen only clan

    I like seeing these bits of the community, Good on ya lad
  20. Avi

    Game Updates - 04/23/2018

    K E K
  21. Avi

    Road from 92-99 Realism Slayer

    Goodluck my dude
  22. Avi

    Resigned from Global Moderator spot.

    See you soon lad!
  23. Avi

    Zenyte jewelry buff

    It's meant to be like that. That's how it is on OSRS
  24. Avi

    Droprate increase

    Was answering the "does everything stay the same" bit
  25. Avi

    Droprate increase

    This has been answered by Crux before, It does increase the chance at every single item on the drop table, So yes commons are even more common, but it also makes rares more common ;P