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  1. Not bad my dude, not bad.
  2. Littlee

    Pepsifiens Goals

    Nice my dude, goodluck with those. Pets will take you a bit tho.
  3. Littlee


    Welcome my dude.
  4. Littlee

    Loot from this week of pvming #3

    Not bad my dude, not bad.
  5. Littlee

    Full Account/type reset

    I mean, any one of us that have an ACP can delete your account so you can remake it. However, it would reset your forum account as well, plus gives other players the chance to create an account with that name. As for your royal rank, we have to manually update your ranks, so I will do that now for you.
  6. Littlee

    Rank Requests

    Sorry, it's taken so long. All the ranks are updated as of 1/2/2019.
  7. Littlee

    Loot from 28 caskets

  8. Littlee

    the comeback is real

    Wow, that's looking nice.
  9. Littlee

    Sad Times HC Gone

    Very nice, sucks though. that's why I haven't started boss slayer... That and i'm only 70 slayer.
  10. Littlee

    Loot from 100 Zulrah kills (Ironman)

    Nicely done man.
  11. Littlee

    Bank pic #1 "The wealthy tab"

    Nicely done mate.
  12. Littlee

    Game Updates 8/11/2018

    Keep it up.
  13. Littlee


    You can buy those for slayer points. So no. I like this though, that would be cool.
  14. Littlee

    Sin of Pride, Escanor

  15. Littlee

    Ironman Cc

    Tbh, I see this going well for like 2 days and then it dying down. It'll be hard to create a non-pk clan on this server with how many people play. if we get a couple hundred player base then I can see it being good.