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  1. Littlee

    Spy Unit

    Welcome mate. Hope you enjoy the stay.
  2. Littlee

    pking suggestions/bugs

    Definitely needs fixed tbh.
  3. Littlee

    Staff Update - 9/12/2018

    FP NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Congratz Uhm and welcome back Small.
  4. Littlee

    Zprite's Intro

    Yes we are. Welcome back!
  5. Littlee

    Can't sign up

    Download the client and try logging in with a username and password that way. I've looked at your IP and linked accounts and none of it's blocked..
  6. Littlee

    Reguarding Donations before reset!

    This, I mean you guys got your donation ranks back which is a lot tbh.
  7. Littlee

    A few suggestions

    Figured out the discord widget, it's in a dumb spot right now and will hopefully be changed, but will work for now.
  8. Littlee

    Road to... V2

    Damn nice nice man. Keep it up.
  9. Littlee

    A few suggestions

    I don't see why you can't reply to update posts because the permissions are on. And I tested it with a non-ranked account and it works. As for the discord, I'm not sure how to add that in with the new theme. I believe it's on the website dev's part.
  10. Littlee

    Guess who's back

    Welcome back.
  11. Littlee

    "wildy revival"

    The wildy isn't what killed the server. Lack of updates + lack of ownership killed the server.
  12. Littlee

    Has there been a Reset?

    What Dice said ^
  13. Littlee

    Iron Mewmia's Goals!

    I'm locking this since it was grave dug and the player, unfortunately, left the server.
  14. Littlee

    Max Hit!

    Show pics guys. Makes it more fun
  15. Littlee


    Wrong section, noob. It's moved to correct section.