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  1. Littlee

    Sin of Pride, Escanor

  2. Littlee

    Ironman Cc

    Tbh, I see this going well for like 2 days and then it dying down. It'll be hard to create a non-pk clan on this server with how many people play. if we get a couple hundred player base then I can see it being good.
  3. Littlee

    UIM Unnoting 'X' Amount

    I don't really see a reason, so I agree.
  4. Littlee


    I'm not a huge fan of this type of suggestion. I don't really like the whole "prestige" thing that this is very similar too. That's just my opinion though, would like to see more feedback.
  5. Littlee

    Game Updates 2/11/2018

  6. Littlee

    1,000 NPC Kills Drop List

    It's based on a neutral drop rate. Also should have added an examine value.
  7. Littlee

    Halloween Special: Opening 500 Pumpkins!

    Yeah, mate turn the music down a bit and your voice up. But it's a good video, nicely done.
  8. Littlee

    Rank Requests

    Hello all, I've recently added the donator ranks to the forums. Now at the moment, we don't have any special perks for these ranks. You do get a cosmetic forum rank for our forums! Feel free to leave your ingame name and proof of your rank and I'll go ahead and rank you. Proof can just be a picture of your ingame donation sign.
  9. Littlee

    Staff Update - 10/09/2018

    Congratz to all of you.
  10. Littlee

    Darklord Pks - Max PVM Drop tab -

    Holy shit this is actually insane. I Like it lol, keep up the great work mate.
  11. Littlee

    Game Updates 5/10/2018

    Awesome. Nice job guys.
  12. Littlee

    PK Spawn Sets are a problem

    It hasn't ruined the eco really at all. The only items that were affected were the ones that are able to be spawned. Items like Rune battleaxe, or rune plateskirt shouldn't have been affected. Again, only spawnable runes were affected. So runes like natures and such shouldn't have hurt. Plus, it's only spawnable in edge. Outside of edge you can't spawn stuff.
  13. Littlee

    PK Spawn Sets are a problem

    Tbh they're fine. They don't really hurt anything imo.
  14. Littlee

    Ironman Progress - Amaterasu

    Rip hc tho. Nice job so far though man. Doing better than myself.
  15. Littlee

    Crack (10x) HCIM Progress/Goals

    Oh that does not look good.
  16. Littlee

    Crack (10x) HCIM Progress/Goals

    Nice my man. Still HCIM?
  17. Littlee

    Maxed Ironman - Goop

    Nice man, what mode?
  18. Littlee

    Road To max From begin!

    Very nice my man. keep it up.
  19. Littlee

    Clue Guide

    Barbarian village. All the clue scrolls are the same as OSRS so you can honestly just google it.
  20. Littlee

    Spy Unit

    Welcome mate. Hope you enjoy the stay.
  21. Littlee

    pking suggestions/bugs

    Definitely needs fixed tbh.
  22. Littlee

    Staff Update - 9/12/2018

    FP NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Congratz Uhm and welcome back Small.
  23. Littlee

    Zprite's Intro

    Yes we are. Welcome back!
  24. Littlee

    Can't sign up

    Download the client and try logging in with a username and password that way. I've looked at your IP and linked accounts and none of it's blocked..
  25. Littlee

    Reguarding Donations before reset!

    This, I mean you guys got your donation ranks back which is a lot tbh.