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  1. Littlee

    Zprite's Intro

    Yes we are. Welcome back!
  2. Littlee

    Can't sign up

    Download the client and try logging in with a username and password that way. I've looked at your IP and linked accounts and none of it's blocked..
  3. Littlee

    Reguarding Donations before reset!

    This, I mean you guys got your donation ranks back which is a lot tbh.
  4. Littlee

    Rank Requests

    Hello all, I've recently added the donator ranks to the forums. Now at the moment, we don't have any special perks for these ranks. You do get a cosmetic forum rank for our forums! Feel free to leave your ingame name and proof of your rank and I'll go ahead and rank you. Proof can just be a picture of your ingame donation sign.
  5. Littlee

    A few suggestions

    Figured out the discord widget, it's in a dumb spot right now and will hopefully be changed, but will work for now.
  6. Littlee

    Road to... V2

    Damn nice nice man. Keep it up.
  7. Littlee

    A few suggestions

    I don't see why you can't reply to update posts because the permissions are on. And I tested it with a non-ranked account and it works. As for the discord, I'm not sure how to add that in with the new theme. I believe it's on the website dev's part.
  8. Littlee

    Guess who's back

    Welcome back.
  9. Littlee

    "wildy revival"

    The wildy isn't what killed the server. Lack of updates + lack of ownership killed the server.
  10. Littlee

    Has there been a Reset?

    What Dice said ^
  11. Littlee

    Iron Mewmia's Goals!

    I'm locking this since it was grave dug and the player, unfortunately, left the server.
  12. Littlee

    Max Hit!

    Show pics guys. Makes it more fun
  13. Littlee


    Wrong section, noob. It's moved to correct section.
  14. Littlee

    Gambling Guide!

    Nice guide, mate. Well done.
  15. Littlee

    Hello world

    Welcome mate, glad you joined the server.
  16. Littlee

    My fairwell

    Nooooo, softie. Keep in touch on discord, okay?
  17. Littlee

    Opening 100 caskets!

    I think somethings up with images on forums, I gotta ask Crux about it. I'm not seeing any messed up settings and it doesn't seem to work for me either. I just tried fixing the pictures and I even uploaded them to Imgur and it still gave me an error. OT: Nice mate, looks like pretty good loot.
  18. Littlee

    The Official Havoc Price Guide!

    Coulda just PM'd me or Uhm or anyone with forum editing powers, and we coulda edited the old one so Crux doesn't have to change ::prices
  19. Littlee

    got my own little island now with the pun

    Banned for bug abusing. k thx.
  20. Littlee

    Completionist cape achieved!

    Congratz mate. Keep it up!
  21. Littlee


    Welcome mate. Saw you join, hope you enjoy.
  22. Littlee

    Iron Mewmia's Goals!

    It's fixed now anyways.
  23. Littlee

    Cruel world

    I completely agree with the dead servers, we definitely need something to keep the forums alive. Sad to see you leave because of it; if you have any ideas on how to make them more active feel free to post here or shoot me a PM I'd love to hear it. Best of luck to you, though!
  24. Congratz man.
  25. Littlee

    My Luck is unreal....

    Nice job mate.