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    Look, @Ancient and @Ceylon, can you at least let us know what the hell is happening to the server? It's honestly pretty ridiculous. I know of at least another staff member that is still needing a rank beside for myself, and our player base is barely holding at 30 players (10 that are actually online and active). If I am this so-called "Advisor," please let me know, because if so, I'll help run the staff team like an Advisor should. I've already given you recommendations on who I believe should e the CM, and if I were you I would take them until you can figure out a better situation. Our player base is going to just keep dropping and dropping. You guys need to do something. If you're selling Havoc, just tell us. The way the server is right now just makes me not want to play if we're being honest. There can literally be an hour to two hours between messages in the help chat sometimes, the wilderness has maybe 2 people sometimes in it, the number of players in skilling/pvm/pvp areas has dropped dramatically. Just look at the registration count: https://i.imgur.com/9FDIOpV.png This is pretty ridiculous honestly. Like I understand there was a hype built up and it started off strong. All servers are going to go through little downfalls, but only servers that die have numbers go down this bad.
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    Agree. Kots was supposed to do a shit ton for the server, but you know they're probably never going to give rewards for anything. Tbh, Ancient and Ceylon haven't been on in atleast a month now. And when you own the server you need to atleast check in, or tell admins (or globals that are suppose to be admins) what the fuck is happening. Servers a lost cause at this point.
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    Google Authenticator

    I can remove your authenticator for now, but you can talk to a banker to get linked to setting up another.
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    Honestly, what I'm thinking. I've been waiting on a discord message.
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    I completely agree. Even with me being Global or Advisor or whatever I am , I can't help it. It's all up to the owners at this point.
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    Rank Requests

    Done mate.
  8. Littlee

    Rank Requests

    Hello all, I've recently added the donator ranks to the forums. Now at the moment, we don't have any special perks for these ranks. You do get a cosmetic forum rank for our forums! Feel free to leave your ingame name and proof of your rank and I'll go ahead and rank you. Proof can just be a picture of your ingame donation sign.
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    I agree with this. I mean blue dragons also count towards the slayer task so it wouldn't be hard to get it up that way, but there should be more than 2.
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    Forums Idea

    Watch gravedigging on threads. You are not allowed to post on a topic that has not been posted on in more than 2 weeks unless that thread is in any of the Spam sections.
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    Iron Mewmia's Goals!

    I'm locking this since it was grave dug and the player, unfortunately, left the server.
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    Being Active

    We just need to make the forums undead now.
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    Max Hit!

    Show pics guys. Makes it more fun
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    Wrong section, noob. It's moved to correct section.
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    Game Updates - 06/05/2018

    Nice job. Love the new forum look Cruxy.
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    Rank Requests

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    Guides For The Future

    The problem is getting the people who make the prices fluctuate to keep in contact with forums long enough to keep it updated. lol. If I was told prices I'd easy keep it updated.
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    Rooney Loops Feedback

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    Would be great to see players getting out there like this.
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    Gambling Guide!

    Nice guide, mate. Well done.
  21. Littlee

    general suggestions

    I agree with the battlestaves 100%. Would be neat. Don't see an issue with the ::tele commands. Not really sure what multiple death spots so I'll stay out of that. Vorkath, would be sweet but maybe work on other things atm. DOn't see why not on gambling fire capes. And There is a skillingzone for normal players, the wildy resource area.
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    Rank Requests

    Done, Thanks for the donation. Done, mate. Should of promoted you whenever you were promoted. But there ya go.
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    Game Updates - 05/24/2018

    Keep it up.
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    Rank Requests

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    Hello world

    Welcome mate, glad you joined the server.