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  1. Dual

    Gambling Guide!

    really nice guide pal thank you for explaining it well
  2. Dual

    Game Updates - 05/11/2018

    thank you for an amazing update
  3. Dual


    welcome to havoc pal
  4. Dual

    Forums Idea

    I actually love this idea, would be great addition to the forums thank you for the suggestion pal
  5. Dual

    Sagittarian Armour

    +1 thank you for the suggestion pal
  6. Dual

    Cruel world

    sorry to see you leave pal, but best of luck for the future hope to see you back at some point
  7. Dual

    Unf. potion maker

    100% agree with @Imstrength on this one! great way to explain it pal
  8. Dual

    | Road To Max UIM |

    goodluck pal
  9. Dual

    I AM NEW

    Welcome to havoc thank you for the intro goodluck ;)
  10. Dual

    My Luck is unreal....

    that's some nice luck right there keep going pal
  11. Dual

    Quality of Life Suggestions

    I agree the blue is hard to see at time... maybe that could be looked in to, the hp bar is in advanced settings under combat overlay making bandits would be a bad idea if I'm honest since people use them to do thieve also I like the idea of having the dailys suited to people combat level since new people wouldn't be able to kill nex for example thank you for the suggestions keep them coming
  12. Dual


    I totally understand pal, maybe if you make a suggestion so we can get this looked at
  13. Dual

    Game Updates - 04/27/2018

    Thank you for another great update so looking forward to the hiscores its going to be mega sweet
  14. Dual

    UIM suggestion

    I would like to see this being adding ingame for players somehow maybe the voting store would be the best place since it would get people more motivated to vote, that would help both the server and people massively so from the staff team and player thank you for the suggestion pal
  15. Dual

    Barrows as slayer task

    I would love to see more people at barrows so I support this idea keep up the suggestions man