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  1. Wag1 IGN- Logout Do you have a mic?- Yes Do you have discord?- Yes Do you know how to nh?- Learning , 192837465 said I wasn't shit Do you have any clan experience?- Some minimal experience in deadman mode, but played many co-op games such as WoW/LoL
  2. Logout

    Uses of Loyalty Points

    Hello All, Wanted to make a suggestion about loyalty points, at the moment they are a bit useless purely for cosmetic titles. Is there any objection to having loyalty points for other purposes? Such as: 1) There is currently no way to imbue rings, how about using loyalty points to imbue rings. 2) Use them to obtain other cosmetic items, scarfs, hats, reskin's of certain weapons or items? 3) Use them to purchase XP lamps I am sure there are plenty of other uses that people can think of, if you have any other suggestions would love to get some more ideas.
  3. Logout

    Boss Damage Table

    Ello Ello, I think it would be a good idea, to have a damage table for bosses such as Nex and Corp! When you have 3-4 people killing the boss, it would be nice to see who has done what damage and track who is doing their bit, could add for a bit of friendly competition or just simply to see who is going to get loot.
  4. Logout

    Giant Mole

    Cheers for the support guys!
  5. Logout

    Giant Mole

    Can we have the Giant mole brought into the game with the current drop table it has in the lists? Saw it today and was pretty dissapointed
  6. Logout

    Kush Road to 99 Slayer [Finished]

    Whack me a message in game and I'll be happy to duo some bosses with you if you get them on task man! 94 slayer at the moment, on the same grind as you Good luck to you! Glad you're getting lucky with the drops! I got whips back to back a little while back, but no such luck since!
  7. Logout

    Games You Currently Play

    Don't suppose anyone dabbles in a bit of WoW?
  8. Logout

    Skill additions

    Bonfire edition? You mean adding logs to the fire or am I missing something?
  9. Logout

    Skill additions

    Aye I agree with what you're saying there. Would maybe just give firemaking a bit of zest
  10. Logout

    Rank Requests

    this is well norti
  11. Logout

    Havoc Price Guide!

    This is lit mate Also include Blood money: 25-30k
  12. Logout

    Selling Blood Money

    Selling 24500 BM - Currently at 25k each! 612.5m total!
  13. Logout

    Camelot maple trees

    Cheers Littlee
  14. Logout

    Blood money items

    Make it so that blood money items, such as kraken tentacle, whip, Ballista can be sold back to the store for blood money to purchase other items? Not sure if this would be overpowered or just more fair. Recently got a kraken tentacle and see no use for it, besides the potential blood money.
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  15. Logout

    Camelot maple trees

    Maple trees not working at Camelot? Clicking on everything but nothing appears to be working.