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  1. Wag1 IGN- Logout Do you have a mic?- Yes Do you have discord?- Yes Do you know how to nh?- Learning , 192837465 said I wasn't shit Do you have any clan experience?- Some minimal experience in deadman mode, but played many co-op games such as WoW/LoL
  2. Logout

    Kush Road to 99 Slayer [Finished]

    Whack me a message in game and I'll be happy to duo some bosses with you if you get them on task man! 94 slayer at the moment, on the same grind as you Good luck to you! Glad you're getting lucky with the drops! I got whips back to back a little while back, but no such luck since!
  3. Logout

    Games You Currently Play

    Don't suppose anyone dabbles in a bit of WoW?
  4. Logout

    Havoc Price Guide!

    This is lit mate Also include Blood money: 25-30k
  5. Logout

    Selling Blood Money

    Selling 24500 BM - Currently at 25k each! 612.5m total!
  6. Logout

    Camelot maple trees

    Cheers Littlee
  7. Logout

    Camelot maple trees

    Maple trees not working at Camelot? Clicking on everything but nothing appears to be working.
  8. Logout

    Hello Everyone

    Hey Mikey!