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  1. Run Laps

    XP Rate Changing

    i support the change, but it should atleast cost you your stats, for example, if going from x25 to x2. your stats should be brutally lowered but if going from x2 to x25, your stats will stay the same and you just power level up
  2. Run Laps

    25$ giveaway

    need in pls :^) "run laps"
  3. Run Laps

    Road to...

    you're not wrong hahah
  4. Run Laps

    $1000 end of the year prize locking topic 04/14/18

    In - Reason being is because i struggle to earn enough to live recently and its an everyday job thing, but yknow we finnna make it!
  5. Run Laps

    $50 giveaway ends 04/07/18

    stop hitting on my ex lmao - I'm In
  6. Run Laps

    Game Updates - 03/27/2018

    very nice, high five
  7. Run Laps

    $25 giveaway

    im non donator although staff, i'd love an entry! ign: Run Laps <3
  8. Run Laps

    Agility guide - xp rates & shop

    so for all the exp rates i believe for x2, divide these by 2. then multiply (x5/10/25) depening whatever mode you're on? (correct me if i'm wrong.) Gnome Barb Course. first obsticle = 22 xp climing the net = 22 xp climibing tree = 14 xp tightrope = 22 xp down tree = 14 xp over the net = 22 xp tunnels/complete is = 138 xp 252 xp per lap Barb course Swing rope = 66 xp across the log = 40 xp up the net = 24 xp across the ledge = 66 xp over all 3 crumbling walls = 178 xp 374 xp per lap Wildy course Entry gate = 24 xp pipe = 24 xp swing = 40 xp stepping stones = 40 xp log = 40 xp climbing rocks / end = 996 1164 Agility tickets are also based off of your mode, for Example. i get 150 exp per ticket, so same again, divide by 2. multiply by whatever mode you're on. happy days! REMINDER, THIS IS WITHOUT AGILE. + ON X2 GAME MODE. IF YOU WISH TO GET THE EXP FOR YOUR GAME MODE DIVIDE EVERYTHING BY X2 THEN MULTIPLY IT BY THE GAME MODE YOU'RE ON. (if i've made any errors, please inform me willing to fix.) - Run Laps.
  9. Run Laps

    Music thread

    recently i've been going throuhg a rough time with abusing drugs.. and this is the only thing thats getting me by right now.. Lil Peep - the brightside.
  10. Run Laps

    Game Updates - 22/03/2018

    looks good for people wanting d&D :D!
  11. Run Laps

    Complete Staff Feedback

    @Rasta - I've been friends with rasta prime, got to really understand and know the guy. Always has a positive out look on players and staff, and as being a community manager it sucks to hardly see him online (But likes to help people out). so its a win win at the end of the day, i just wish to see him play more! (bring back vized) @Uhm - This lad right here hahah top bloke really, the active admin we need in the server. Shown me how to pull my head in and also help me be a better person for everyone in the game. (i'll throw Dual in this little part aswell, Make us some tea ) @Ossenaar - Just positive for him, he brings the positive vibes always on this server and is a big role model for myself and should be for other players! big ups for you man. I will also agree with the post above, i'd like to see the owners more active. i'd honestly love to do one for everyone but there would just be honest opinions on everyone hahah
  12. Run Laps

    Forum/In game suggestion - events

    support :^)
  13. Run Laps

    200M XP in all Combat stats.

    damn dude.. nice!
  14. Run Laps

    Staff Update 18/03/2018

    Cheeers mate!
  15. Run Laps

    Staff Update 18/03/2018

    thanks guys, GZ coffee didn't actually see this one coming