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  1. Rusty Slugs

    Havoc Price Guide!

    traceable pets now?
  2. Rusty Slugs

    After a long grind :)

    Travelling ? waiting to board plane back to Australia lol.. been waiting for a 3x agility all week too! ?
  3. Rusty Slugs

    B U Y I N G

    buying torva plate and legs red slayer helm Message me here or in game if you see me. would pay real $ if wanting to do so as well.
  4. Rusty Slugs


    2b for pernix body
  5. Rusty Slugs

    After a long grind :)

    Hopefully be coming in at third to get max cape behind you.. damn it takes so long doing thieving and agility ?
  6. Rusty Slugs

    New goal ;p

    The real grind! Shot bro ?
  7. Rusty Slugs


    I got one of those on 2kc only to find out they were useless ?
  8. Rusty Slugs

    goodbye from the hcim meme

    Nice stats man. Unlucky about the deaths lol
  9. Rusty Slugs

    report bug

    rune rocks in wild near KBD don't seem to work. been tying to find a spot to mine them for the daily and noticed this is bugged. EDIT: rune ore north of ice plateau is also non mineable
  10. Rusty Slugs

    $35give away!

    IGN: Rusty Slugs
  11. Rusty Slugs

    store points purchase didnt come through?

    hey purchased 100 points and they didnt credit me? why is this? can i get a refund or my points please have proof of purchase too if needed
  12. Rusty Slugs

    lost my elder status rank

    lost my elder status ranking, but can still tele to ::elderzone? what is the go there?