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  1. Jim Carroll

    Set up 2 step Auth :D

    I already made an in-depth guide for account security, but thanks I guess.
  2. Jim Carroll

    Game Updates - 12/15/2017

    Good job as always, Crux. Is Klepto still around?
  3. Jim Carroll

    Road to...

    I'm ShaunRS/Jim Carroll, I'd be surprised if you don't remember me.
  4. Jim Carroll

    Forum Suggestions

  5. Jim Carroll

    Road to...

    Is this my main man Run Laps from Runique? Best of luck with the grind, and congratulations on obtaining the pet.
  6. Jim Carroll

    Game Updates - 12/10/2017

    Good job, Crux.
  7. Jim Carroll

    Count to 1,000,000

  8. Jim Carroll

    PVM Grind

    Congratulations on the loots.
  9. Jim Carroll

    It's time for me to part ways with Havoc.

    I left several weeks ago, I just stop by the forum every once in a while. Take care of yourself, Wretched. It was fun playing with you.
  10. Jim Carroll

    Donator Benefits

    I like the names of the donator ranks, spices things up not using the same as every other RuneScape Private Server. Thanks for the guide.
  11. Jim Carroll

    The Big Update

    I'm hoping the begin paid and non-paid advertising on RuneScape Private Server community websites, as well as hire YouTubers with a few hundred-thousand subscribers who only produce RuneScape Private Server content. The player count won't go extremely high if Havoc continues to only be advertised by the same two YouTubers. Granted, they both have a big amount of viewers, but most of them are only RuneScape players.
  12. Jim Carroll

    The Big Update

    Thanks for informing us on what's going on and what's to come, I am extremely excited to see the outcome of the "big update". Taking the right direction, in my opinion. Well done.
  13. Jim Carroll

    does not let me enter staff application forums

    I've forwarded this to the higher ups, apologies for any inconvenience caused.
  14. Jim Carroll

    First Christmas cracker!

    Awesome, I was actually wondering earlier on today if there was a cosmetic rare in-game yet. Congratulations on the yellow partyhat, Fetus, and thank-you for donating so much to Havoc (if you did that is), very supportive of you.
  15. Jim Carroll

    RuneScape Livestreams

    Same as I. I do wish Woox livestreamed more often though. Monni is very enjoyable to watch, he is hilarious. I watch Manked sometimes - usually while I'm getting for work or whatever in the mornings if I'm not listening to music. Sometimes I watch Sparc Mac when he stakes big.