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  1. Jim Carroll

    Set up 2 step Auth :D

    I already made an in-depth guide for account security, but thanks I guess.
  2. Jim Carroll

    Road to...

    I'm ShaunRS/Jim Carroll, I'd be surprised if you don't remember me.
  3. Jim Carroll

    Road to...

    Is this my main man Run Laps from Runique? Best of luck with the grind, and congratulations on obtaining the pet.
  4. Jim Carroll

    Count to 1,000,000

  5. Jim Carroll

    It's time for me to part ways with Havoc.

    I left several weeks ago, I just stop by the forum every once in a while. Take care of yourself, Wretched. It was fun playing with you.
  6. Jim Carroll

    does not let me enter staff application forums

    I've forwarded this to the higher ups, apologies for any inconvenience caused.
  7. Jim Carroll

    First Christmas cracker!

    Awesome, I was actually wondering earlier on today if there was a cosmetic rare in-game yet. Congratulations on the yellow partyhat, Fetus, and thank-you for donating so much to Havoc (if you did that is), very supportive of you.
  8. Jim Carroll

    RuneScape Livestreams

    Same as I. I do wish Woox livestreamed more often though. Monni is very enjoyable to watch, he is hilarious. I watch Manked sometimes - usually while I'm getting for work or whatever in the mornings if I'm not listening to music. Sometimes I watch Sparc Mac when he stakes big.
  9. Jim Carroll

    NEW PK [MINI] ???

    Poor Chief. Good video, man. Hope to see more.
  10. Jim Carroll

    Cant even take this kids serious.

    Nice kill.
  11. Does anyone watch any RuneScape livestreams? If so, who are your favourite livestreamers - what content do they produce?
  12. Jim Carroll

    Count to 1,000,000

  13. Jim Carroll

    Weird but funny

  14. I. Am. So. Excited!!!
  15. Jim Carroll

    List Of Bugs

    PvP and Wilderness Highest killstreak resets after dying. Wilderness map needs to be updated. Steps to Deep Wilderness Dungeon does not work. Magic Axe Hut does not work. Hellhounds can noclip into the Wilderness Resource Area. This is annoying as they automatically attack you, making it so players are unable to skill. Rocks in the Wilderness Resource Area cannot be mined. Furnace in the Wilderness Resource Area does not work. Anvil in the Wilderness Resource Area does not work. Trees in the Wilderness Resource Area does not work. Fire in the Wilderness Resource Area does not work. There are no siphon-able energy sources in the Wilderness, unless I am completely blind. Players are able to enter the Wilderness Agility Course without the required Agility level. Remove Balance Elementals from the game. Remove Tormented Demons from the game. Remove Nomad from the game. Remove Luminescent Icefiends from the game. PvM, Slayer, and Bossing TzTok-Jad currently does not spawn in the Fight Caves. Dark Energy Core 100% spawns and 100% respawns straight after dying. It's meant to have a 1/8 chance of spawning/respawning. Players are able to camp God Wars Dungeon for an extremely long time (one trip) just by blood barraging. Dagannoth Kings pets are globally announced as Dwarf Remains. Skilling Players are able to enter the Wilderness Agility Course without the required Agility level. Agility tickets can no longer be exchanged for Agility experience. Hunter skill isn't in the stats tab. Butterfly net needs to be added to the General Store/Tools Store, so players can begin the Hunter skill. Ring of forging does not work. Fishing dark crabs only gives 188 Fishing experience. Raw dark crabs cannot be cooked. Wergali seed bugs your Farming patch. It needs to be removed completely from the game anyhow, as it's not related to Old School RuneScape. Rocktails can be fished and cooked. Gems can't be cut into gem bolt tips. Other You should not deal damage if you are given it the same time you teleport. Items you lose if you die don't show up on the floor upstairs in Ancient Cavern. Clicking the report abuse button currently directs you to Havoc.com, which isn't even Havoc's domain, nor is it a website. Make it direct to the Report section. Rocktails needs to be removed from clue scroll rewards. Stardust needs to be removed from clue scroll rewards. Frost dragon bones needs to be removed from clue scroll rewards. The clue scroll step, "Search the crates in the Barbarian Village Helmet Shop.", does not work. .