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  1. Was a really fun grind, also helped out my bank quite abit. But glad to get this 99 Also these are around the slayer pts you can expect from 99slayer (skipped ~15 tasks)
  2. Kush

    good pk

    wow dope gratz
  3. Kush

    opening 500 super mystery boxes!

    Dayum nice
  4. thank ya'll Hopefully I can finish off the slay grind today!
  5. Thanks Just got that wee and yeah he sniped that item off me, whatever it is
  6. hehe yeye ty tho. still waiting for a good drop today!
  7. ^ Thank ya'll Sadly no drop on the sara task, but 93 slayer!
  8. Kush

    First drop

    Nice Gz
  9. Thank u ^ First rare/valuable on the road to 99 slayer :^) Didn't expect this at all 92 slayer aswell, Ill test out some boss tasks after this one for sure Its raining drops (first boss task btw)
  10. ofc I had to miss the first level
  11. Hey guys, I finally got myself 99 herblore, so I've decided it's now time to move onto slayer! Here is my current slayer level aswell as task. I will keep posting loot aswell as slayer lvl updates I would appreciate advice on slayer if you have some :3 Ty for reading!
  12. Kush

    Road to...

    good to know, I met him when I was going for 99agi on osrs gl on 200m agi here
  13. Kush

    Road to...

    are you Run Laps from real osrs?
  14. Kush

    Kush Introduction

    Thanks guys :^)