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  1. Diamantos2

    cant find the play button

    i omed Crux but he doesnt replies
  2. Diamantos2

    cant find the play button

  3. Diamantos2

    cant find the play button

    hi since the update i cant find the Play buttom to open the Client. i tryed to to havoc.ps but it only Shows a White Screen. if someone has a clue or can link me how to open cleitn would be nice
  4. Diamantos2

    Dharoks Tournament 15/04/2018

  5. Diamantos2

    $50 giveaway ends 04/07/18

    wish me luck haha ign diamantos2
  6. Diamantos2

    $1000 end of the year prize locking topic 04/14/18

    hey nice and amazing giveaway bro. i would lovw to win it to donate it to some to well and some to new people
  7. Diamantos2

    4500M GIVEAWAY & 250M box opening!

    insane loot Diamantos2
  8. Diamantos2

    #Vale - Rule the Wilderness

    How long have you been playing on Havoc? : for like 2months How many attack styles do you plan on using? :all Have you read our rules?vale Do you have discord?no but i can get How many hours are you on Havoc per day?5-15h Please post a picture of your accessible PK setup if possible (or type N/A) : ing Will you be able to take part in PK events? hell yeah