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  1. Coffeemouse


    Looking good
  2. Coffeemouse

    Nex Solo Guide

    Nice post shoulda contain more pictures to make it actually a guide instead of gear setup and droptable
  3. Coffeemouse

    Greetings Havoc!

    Welcome to the server!
  4. Coffeemouse

    Staff Update - 10/09/2018

    Whalecum in the team and gz to the promo's!
  5. Coffeemouse


    Just serve the 7 day and keep it in mind for the next time. Trying to make up excuses over and over again to get out to the 7 day isn't gonna work.
  6. Coffeemouse

    Havoc Advertisement Banners!

    Looking awesome bro!!!
  7. Coffeemouse


    No need to dig up graves
  8. Coffeemouse

    Spy Unit

    Welcome to the server, enjoy the stay here!
  9. Coffeemouse

    Road to... V2

    Goodluck on this!
  10. Coffeemouse

    Guess who's back

    Reeee welkom terug maatje!
  11. Coffeemouse

    A few suggestions

    Nice suggestions! i like the wilderness and skilling cmd's
  12. Coffeemouse

    Completionist cape achieved!

    Gratz bro!
  13. Coffeemouse

    got my own little island now with the pun

    easy door glitch :p
  14. Coffeemouse

    25$ giveaway

    Goodluck all
  15. Coffeemouse

    Xbox1 players

    I knowowowowowo