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  1. Coffeemouse

    Game Updates - 06/05/2018

    Nice updates! Good work again by the master!
  2. Coffeemouse

    My fairwell

    Noo this cant be real.... Thanks for the awesome time man. Lets keep in touch on xbox or discord bby
  3. Coffeemouse

    Completionist cape achieved!

    Gratz bro!
  4. Coffeemouse

    got my own little island now with the pun

    easy door glitch :p
  5. Hello everyone on Havoc.l Like you guys/girls already noticed i havent been active since a few weeks. This got multiple reasons i got promoted at my work to souschef and got more tasks and need to do alot of stressfull things. This is my first time i got this rank in the kitchen so it causes alot of stress and energy in my daily tasks. That way im just to tired to play and be active at the server sadly. Lucky me we got next week(12 days)2 more crewmembers in the team. But till that time ill resign my spot in this amazing team and server. I wont quit the server but just take it laid back for the upcomming days. When i find more time and energy i will return in full glory to the server. Cant say any more since this isnt a farewell you nubs. ~CoffeeMouse
  6. Coffeemouse

    25$ giveaway

    Goodluck all
  7. Coffeemouse

    Xbox1 players

    I knowowowowowo
  8. Coffeemouse

    Xbox1 players

    How about you all just add me: Original Xperia
  9. Coffeemouse

    $1000 end of the year prize locking topic 04/14/18

    Holy macaroni thanks tot hosting this. And would be a Nice investment for my own house what im buying this summer. Goodluck everyone!
  10. Coffeemouse

    Complete Staff Feedback

  11. Coffeemouse

    Game Updates - 03/27/2018

    Nice list of updates pal!
  12. Coffeemouse

    Game Updates - 22/03/2018

  13. Coffeemouse

    Staff Update 18/03/2018

    Grats on the ranks guys! And thank you for the promotion!
  14. Coffeemouse

    Game Updates - 03/14/2018

    Keep the good work up fam! Love them
  15. Coffeemouse

    gwd item for bandits

    Fully agree