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  1. frogsplash57

    Please read ;

    https://funds.gofundme.com/dashboard/rigour Riguor is my draem so i can hit big
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  2. frogsplash57

    Loots bois.

    just hmu ill come with
  3. frogsplash57

    Loots bois.

    Thank you <3
  4. frogsplash57

    Loots bois.

    The spear is bugged from Zamorak boss but i'll be keeping to progress on my corp journey <3
  5. frogsplash57

    Loots bois.

  6. frogsplash57

    zammy spear.

    Describe the bug in as much detail as you can - doesnt work. Can it be replicated? If so how? - Any additional information -
  7. frogsplash57

    Bank pic

    Not as impressive as most peoples but yeah, enjoy lol. Items gaveaway was 3 tents, 2 dfs, over 10k bm, serp visage, blessed spirit shield and a set of void.
  8. frogsplash57

    Broke zulrah dry streak, ft kc

  9. frogsplash57

    1Kc Staff of the dead