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  1. Podge Pvm

    Eco Stabilisation

    10/10 Literally the sole reason I've gotten bored and stopped playing support Edit: If the ticket tax goes through might I suggest adding a certain percentage of the tax to the current lottery?
  2. Podge Pvm

    Lets Help the Popularity of HAVOC PS

    1.) @Cameron that was a pretty shitty response tbh as a server support. Just my what-seems-to-be-popular opinion 2.) Littlee is doing his/her (idk tbh) job guys. 3.) @XiGodX this post, while having good intentions, was pointless. If you want to increase players the best way to do it is by spreading this word in-game, advertising, inviting friends, or maybe even hosting competitions. If you want to attract players to the forums, perhaps host a giveaway for players who reply to your forums post. You could advertise the ::topic in-game. I was actually thinking about doing something like this myself.
  3. Podge Pvm

    Make a 1K USD rank.

    You rank up as you donate over time.
  4. Podge Pvm

    Gmaul Buff

    side note: pvming/slaying on this server will make you a more successful pker than actually pking. You'll obtain loads of items to pk with. Everyones points are very good in my opinion. Personally, I think the gmaul is in a good spot right now. I keep it with me pvming in the wild and it OCCASIONALLY puts down some damage for me but is very inaccurate. If it does get an accuracy boost, it should be VERY small.
  5. Podge Pvm


    I support as long as the quests offer new rewards and don't restrict current content.
  6. Podge Pvm

    Zero-Cooldown Star Event

    I like the idea but I don't think it is worth giving up other benefits, as Rasta said.
  7. Podge Pvm

    Donator store in-game

    supplies would be nice! maybe make them over priced. It could be used as a gp sink
  8. Podge Pvm

    Donator store in-game

    I'm all for more donator benefits but i'm not sure if I want to be able to buy good items only in our area. You say it wouldn't effect the eco but I feel it would. I don't think as many people would be buying items on the street. Also, if you put the items in the store at market price, that would drop street price to just below whatever the store price is. People would have the mind set "well I can just go buy it in the donor shop, why would I buy from a player". I feel it would make non-donator status even more challenging than it already is.
  9. Podge Pvm

    Scout Rule Clarification Please

    Thanks for the reply. Well there are staff members saying it is against rules. I'm not trying to start arguments, its just getting confusing
  10. Podge Pvm

    Scout Rule Clarification Please

    Multilogging to kill one or more players IS outlined in the rules. So you can't multilog to TB
  11. I don't do it but it is a recurring issue. I see both players and staff alike debate whether it is against the rules. From what I can see it is not currently listed in the in-game rules. I also understand that some rules are up to moderator discretion. But this has been happening quit a bit from what I can see. Personally I believe it should be legal to a certain extent: no afk accounts or camping one place waiting. I DO NOT see anything wrong with teleing to a location with no arm to check if its safe. Thats just using common sense. But let me know opinions
  12. Podge Pvm

    Game Updates - 01/15/2018

    shit my bad. THANK YOU FOR THAT. Been wanting that since i've started. PS: I was trashed and i only skimmed it when i first read. I appreciate the hard work!
  13. Podge Pvm

    [email protected][email protected]!

    welcome! hmu when youre at your first bill. I'll stake ya for it
  14. Podge Pvm

    Game Updates - 01/15/2018

    Thanks for the update! Maybe make Range Cape act as accumulator too?
  15. Podge Pvm

    Red slayer helm

    selling red slayer helm! accepting items! pm me