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  1. HCIM btw

    goodbye from the hcim meme

    I am quitting but what i meant was My reason for quitting isn't because i died
  2. HCIM btw

    goodbye from the hcim meme

    ty and gl on completionist <3
  3. HCIM btw

    goodbye from the hcim meme

    don't feel like writing so gl to yall and hopefully have as much fun as i did on the server <3 i died to a balance elemental ps im not quitting because i died pfffffffffffffffffffff stats i died with, and i think i had like 693m xp died 3 times btw
  4. HCIM btw

    New goal ;p

    gl bro <333333
  5. HCIM btw

    #Vale - Rule the Wilderness

    whale clan kappa
  6. HCIM btw

    10kc farseer shield

    i see this as one of my greatest achievements on havoc so far lmao
  7. HCIM btw

    pvming clan

    so i've decided to make a pvming clan since its not that easy to find a partner for a boss in the "help" cc, and pvming with others is a lot more fun and profitable imo i've got some basic reqs to join +90 att, str, def, mage, range +70 prayer basic knowledge of bosses in osrs (what to pray, what gear to bring, etc.) discord (optional) have items like dfs, fury, whip, etc. (exceptions can be made for ironmen) if anyone is interested you can join the "hcim btw" cc
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  8. HCIM btw

    $35give away!

    ign : hcim btw
  9. HCIM btw

    lost hc due to a bug AGAIN

    ok so, i was killing jad to get enough tokkul to buy myself an onyx and make myself a very sexy amulet of fury, when suddenly I messed up the last prayer flick on jad and died but he died too, I spawned outside the cave and died losing my hc status. I think what happened was, I died around the same tick as I was suppose to spawn out the fight cave and my hp was on 0 causing the game to think I died inside the "real" world making me lose my status
  10. HCIM btw

    lost hci due to bugs

    i agree i shouldn't of have went back there after i noticed the dead tiles but, it doesn't change the fact that it ate through 11 monkfish because i thought i was frozen. i believe that if there wouldn't have been dead tiles i would have made it to green dragon and would have got a box I've waited for 20hours for a response from crux now and I'm getting very impatient thanks tho
  11. HCIM btw

    lost hci due to bugs

    some areas in the crazy archeologist ruins have dead tiles, I was unlucky enough to get cought there by pkers and stood in a place where I couldn't move because of the dead tiles, for 1min thinking I was frozen, I believe if I wouldn't of had been stuck i'd survive. plox fix this so more ppl don't die to stupid shit like that. ty
  12. HCIM btw

    can't att certain monsters

    i've noticed that i can't att certain monsters In the relekka slayer cave. when I try to att a certain monster it says "you're already under attack" but I'm under attack by the monster I'm trying to hit, so far I've only experienced this issue with rock slugs and cave crawlers