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    Game Updates - 06/05/2018

    was expecting a small buff to claws accuracy but this is also acceptable
  2. D I E

    Suggestions to pvp changes.

    Alright, so basicly how pvp works now is 90% of the players pking are using ags as a spec weapon since every other spec weapon is pretty much really useless with no accuracy at all. It usually got a spec hitting for around 60-82 pretty much all the time, and other special attack weapons can't compare. Mainly i am talking about claws, as this normally is a really good weapon, that doesnt hit 0-0-0-0 67% of the time (i actually counted and did the math through around 70 special attacks in total). This is also with b-ring, fury, dboots, full dh, fire cape. Pvp get so onesided by having just one optimized spec weapon, that also could probably get a bit nerfed as it can hit up to 82 on full DH. I know a pvp patch will come, but im just suggesting some major buffs to claws in wildy. I would also suggest buffing ranged, as every pker is a dh'er. Might be more interesting for other people, specially new players, to see a wilderness using different styles of attacks. Please correct me if im wrong, but this is what i feel. Come with ur own suggestions, as they are already making a patch for pvp.
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    Bump, still no drop table. Just did the task
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    Common Bugs.

    Also a bug where leaf bleaded sword/spear shows as "Unarmed". Attack styles "Punch - Kick - Block"
  5. D I E

    Common Bugs.

    Common problem where multiple monsters being aggro keep attacking you even though its not multi, so you cant really attack any of them. Keeps saying you are already under attack. Super annoying during slayer tasks. Also loads of pathing bugs, example at Nex, where if you melee, and click on the adds she spawns, you wont run to them, but you have to click walk here under them first, before you can attack. Other one (dont know if fixed yet.) At fishing skill place. When you walk out the door (where bank is) towards the fishing spots by clicking on the minimap, you get stuck, and have to manually walk down 1 step, then forward again to get there, really annoying, made me stop fishing.
  6. D I E

    #Vale - Rule the Wilderness

    How long have you been playing on Havoc? : Prob around 1 week How many attack styles do you plan on using? : Probably most melee. depends on the situation. Have you read our rules? Yes, Vale. Do you have discord? Yes. How many hours are you on Havoc per day? I think you've seen me online pretty god damn much lmao Please post a picture of your accessible PK setup if possible (or type N/A) : Everything from full dh - P Rapier / Dh - Ags Will you be able to take part in PK events? Most likely:)