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  1. I Eat Bread

    Completionist = Complete!

    congratz man!
  2. I Eat Bread

    Hunter Guide

    Keep up the guides man very detailed and appreciated!
  3. I Eat Bread

    Thieving Guide

    well made guide man thanks for this!
  4. I Eat Bread

    [email protected][email protected]!

    Welcome Divine glad you found us!
  5. I Eat Bread

    Clue Guide

    Nice thanks!
  6. I Eat Bread

    Worst grind by far

    congrats bro finally!
  7. I Eat Bread

    WW2 Sniping Montage

    Nice montage man loved the chill music.
  8. I Eat Bread

    Whats Gwarning

    Welcome hope your HCIM goes well.
  9. I Eat Bread

    Idiot Dragon

    Gl on pet!
  10. I Eat Bread

    My goodbye

    sad to see you leave man good luck in life.
  11. I Eat Bread


    haha toothpick <3
  12. I Eat Bread

    easiest grind ever

    wow man nice!
  13. I Eat Bread

    Video Contest

    I WOULD LIKE TO SEE SOME GOOD LOOKING HAVOC VIDEO'S ON YOUTUBE! 1. Use a nice recorder to record your clips, we don't want to see the recorder logo on screen, so make sure you get rid of that or simply zoom it out when you edit the video. 2. Pick some nice music, but look out for copyright claims. 3. Make sure to add some effects to match the music maybe, be creative and do your best to make the video look good. COMMENTARIES will have bonus effects though! 4. There must be a minimum of 5 videos for a winner to be selected. Contest Info: There will be 2 different types of video contests promotional and pking videos so 2 different people can win Video duration: 02:00 - 10:00 (It has to be at least 2 minutes, and max 10 minutes). Video title: Just make sure your in-game name is in the title and add in Havoc video contest. Winner: Winner will receive YouTuber rank on forums + $50 store credit (500 points) This is a bi-weekly contest, we will update this thread every other week with newer data, but for now you will have until 12/27/17 to submit your video, we will announce the winner 3 days later. HOW DO YOU SUBMIT YOUR VIDEO: Upload your video to YouTube, send the YouTube link via private message to Ceylon Or Ancient or either just post below.. It will help a lot if you get some nice kills, high hits and good looking combo's if it's a pvp video. Use some nice annotations effects in your video. Good luck to all of you who's participating. Regards, I Eat Bread
  14. I Eat Bread


    we are fully aware of this and it is being worked on should be fixed soon. Thanks for report though sorry for the frustration until fix goes live.
  15. I Eat Bread


    LMAO this is great.
  16. I Eat Bread

    Tormented Demons Beginner's guide

    Good guide i just bring more sanfews/restores personally. Once again thanks for making the guide.
  17. I Eat Bread

    Skillscape's Iron Progress

    wow man amazing bank and progress!
  18. I Eat Bread

    Wilderness Slayer

    wow man thanks for making this guide! I have pinned it thanks for going into detail a lot of people ask these questions everyday.
  19. I Eat Bread


    Same should be auto received but i don't think i got mine either.
  20. I Eat Bread

    Cheap Bank Sale

    if you see me in game i will buy the d bolts pm me.
  21. I Eat Bread

    Being Cheeky

    lol nice ;p
  22. I Eat Bread

    Logout in wildy

    yeah i also heard of this bug i think developer knows about it.
  23. I Eat Bread

    Video Contest

    might have to re do this event and make more server wide announcements ;p