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  1. I Eat Bread

    Pkers need Dragon Defenders

  2. I Eat Bread

    amulet of damned

    http://oldschoolrunescape.wikia.com/wiki/Amulet_of_the_damned would like this to be fixed also
  3. I Eat Bread

    14 Bugs wrote down under this topic

    Thanks for finding these and helping me in game find bugs. Highly appreciated.
  4. I Eat Bread

    Player Owned Shops

    Player owned shops don't seem to be working properly i tested with the player "its me hyped" with a shark i put it in my shop and he was not able to find it by searching the item he had to specifically search my name just to find it. That needs to be fixed as it is an important feature in the server, also a lot don't know about them in general so maybe have a teleport spot added for them in area teleports and a small tutorial made after the fix.
  5. I Eat Bread

    Count to 1,000,000

  6. I Eat Bread

    Count to 1,000,000

  7. I Eat Bread

    Undefeated [pking]

    Sick clips bro keep it up!
  8. I Eat Bread

    Pk's and major failz !

    Haha nice video man that last kill was awesome!
  9. I Eat Bread

    just wtf?!?!?!

    yeah they don't protect over much there is items kept on death button always be sure to check it pm in game though i will personally give a free pair of prims out of my own bank for your loss, as i can see that would be frustrating.
  10. I Eat Bread

    Cant even take this kids serious.

    keep the pics coming.
  11. I Eat Bread

    NEW PK [MINI] ???

    Another great video man make sure to keep it up we appreciate it a lot!
  12. I Eat Bread

    AB = Free loot

    Nice loots man.
  13. I Eat Bread

    Weird but funny

    Ok so i went to open the client this morning and this popped up in the login lmao?? https://gyazo.com/ce0054d66f8d98dc02397e1db04d2fd2
  14. I Eat Bread

    Weird but funny

  15. I Eat Bread

    My first post

    Gz on the pets man keep up the grind.
  16. I Eat Bread

    List Of Bugs

    Good job making this list man a lot of people ask me about that clue scroll daily and i would love for the dark energy core to be fixed would make corp a little more popular.
  17. I Eat Bread

    First 10 mins on havoc | pure nhing

    Great video man keep them coming
  18. I Eat Bread

    Please read ;

  19. I Eat Bread


    Dude best video from Havoc yet by far would love to see more.
  20. I Eat Bread

    Wergali seed

    Hope the Higher ups can do something to get this fixed for you asap man.
  21. I Eat Bread


    Yeah like i told you man i can't promise a refund.
  22. I Eat Bread

    Account Security Guide

    Great informative guide Jim this will help a lot of players out.
  23. I Eat Bread

    ely kc #4

    wow man congratulations!
  24. I Eat Bread

    Right click Bug

    aww thanks <3
  25. I Eat Bread

    Right click Bug

    Thanks Eso!