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  1. I Eat Bread

    Right click Bug

    Thanks man!
  2. I Eat Bread

    Right click Bug

    Wow man thank you so much for making this post i am glad i could help you i had that issue before and it drove me crazy! Enjoy your stay on Havoc
  3. I Eat Bread

    Lost donator perks after promotion

    I brought this up the other day but the admins were busy, but i'm really trying to use my donor benefit of the instanced DKs. Sorry to bring this up once again.
  4. I Eat Bread

    Red Chinchompas

    Player "Nolyork" pointed out to me that the Red Chinchompas do not do AOE damage to npc's and they also appear as unarmed when equipped. https://gyazo.com/3937ed36ab9f359ca1220df59e4b7bc3
  5. I Eat Bread

    Malediction ward

    awesome thanks for clarifying this
  6. I Eat Bread

    Malediction ward

    I can confirm i had him tele to me and i tried wearing it myself.
  7. I Eat Bread

    Count to 1,000,000

  8. I Eat Bread

    Dark Energy Core

    Yeah this needs to be fixed. Support
  9. I Eat Bread

    Some clanning clips

    Awesome man will be fun to watch!
  10. I Eat Bread

    Some clanning clips

    Awesome keep up the videos would love to see some singles nhing also
  11. I Eat Bread

    Day 3 of Dharok Pking road to 100 sets!

    already at 60 sets
  12. I Eat Bread

    2 days of Dharok pking

    https://gyazo.com/987c3cb8e75c84869cc5fa6b185f3917 Smited ags in one of my fights
  13. I Eat Bread

    2 days of Dharok pking

    Thanks guys!
  14. I Eat Bread

    First vid

    Nice gains bro keep it up!
  15. I Eat Bread

    u kno #1

    good pk
  16. I Eat Bread

    Some bugs/glitches that need to be fixed.

    yeah great suggestions especially agree with the granite maul.
  17. I Eat Bread

    Duel arena scam/bug abuse

    no proof no case man sorry
  18. I Eat Bread

    Bank From Staking! From 45k & AGS!

    impressive bank
  19. I Eat Bread

    Loots bois.

  20. I Eat Bread

    Havov Pking 1

    keep up the vids nicely put together
  21. I Eat Bread

    BANK LOOT PK AT ::44s

    awesome loot gf!
  22. I Eat Bread

    Back to back drops (5 kc + 6kc)

    damn thats lucky good job.
  23. I Eat Bread

    1Kc Staff of the dead

    Nice rng!