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    pking suggestions/bugs

    https://i.gyazo.com/2cab96c346cbc0d29fd3c4fb22a0b36d.mp4 pj timer- The pj timer makes it nearly impossible to pk with friends, as you can see from the gif, it takes nearly 10 seconds to attack someone who is no longer in combat. whether it is a monster that was recently attacking someone and no longer is, or a player, its the same long pj timer. This makes it too easy to escape pkers, they could log out if they wanted to, by simply getting attacked by a monster, running away and logging.going up and down ladders is an easy escape as well. Compared to the osrs wild pj timer of just a few seconds, the pj timer on havoc, which is pvp based, makes escaping a PVP scenario child's play. multi attack bug- There is currently a bug where if two people attack the same person at the same time in single way combat, both hits are registered and the one player being attacked will be hit by two people. forced stop bug- if you're chasing someone, and click barrage on them if they are far away, your character will stop moving. also when there is an object in the way of you and your opponent such as the walls at revs or winding pathways by ice plateau and you click to attack them you will either not move at all, or run to the object and stop, you will not automatically chase them. which causes them to get away and all of a sudden you're being called trash for the games mechanics.
  2. Jakeitez

    Iron Mewmia's Goals!

    thats a hefty list 😛 goodluck!
  3. Jakeitez

    do torva legs even exist

    If anyone could help me complete my max set by selling me torva legs or guiding me to someone selling them, you will get a finders fee ! Thank you, Jake
  4. Jakeitez

    $1000 end of the year prize locking topic 04/14/18

    get dropped!!!
  5. Jakeitez

    $1000 end of the year prize locking topic 04/14/18

    so i can buy shit to pk with!!