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  1. Jakeitez

    Rank Requests

  2. Jakeitez

    Game Updates - 06/05/2018

    great pvp update
  3. Jakeitez

    Constructive Feedback Open Views

    add max hit dummy
  4. Jakeitez

    Havoc on RuneLocus/Better Vote Rewards.

    we need this tbh
  5. Jakeitez

    Forums Idea

    i think that idea would help people get more active.
  6. Jakeitez

    Max Hit Dummy

    ive been asking for this for a long time.
  7. Jakeitez


    true. this is very needed
  8. Jakeitez

    New capes

    i like this idea
  9. Jakeitez

    UIM suggestion

    that would be fair
  10. Jakeitez

    Balancing slayer

    well said brother
  11. Jakeitez

    1 in 10k infernal cape

    yesssss ❤️
  12. Jakeitez

    Barrows as slayer task

    i thought the same thing
  13. Jakeitez

    A couple suggestions and bugs

    the bh interface is quite annoying. i agree on the inferno starting at trip jads. 🤗
  14. Jakeitez

    Uses of Loyalty Points

    i have so many loyalts pts and nothing to spend it on... we need something.
  15. Jakeitez

    Ironman secondary supply shop

    yes we need that
  16. Jakeitez

    Dark fishing bait

    excellent idea imo
  17. Jakeitez


    good idea
  18. Jakeitez

    Some suggestions

    no. wogw should be exp or drop oriented. no one likes to mine even if its double chance to get an uncut emerald
  19. Jakeitez

    Being Active

    I'm trying to be more active in forums, that is all.😛
  20. Jakeitez

    Iron Mewmia's Goals!

    thats a hefty list 😛 goodluck!
  21. Jakeitez

    general suggestions

    gambling f cape sounds great
  22. Jakeitez

    Suggestions to pvp changes.

    agreed brother
  23. Jakeitez

    My 1 Week Evaluation

    you're active in the community and always available to help when called upon, keep it up!
  24. Jakeitez

    do torva legs even exist

    If anyone could help me complete my max set by selling me torva legs or guiding me to someone selling them, you will get a finders fee ! Thank you, Jake
  25. Jakeitez

    $1000 end of the year prize locking topic 04/14/18

    get dropped!!!