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  1. Skillscape

    New HCIM!

    Hello Guys/Gals! I'm back to playing Havoc as I've been very busy IRL, now that I'm back to grinding I've decided to start up a HCIM and working my way along to eventually comp. I'll do my best to update on here any uniques and level goals completed I'll be starting with some skilling and eventually I'll move on to a long slayer grind. HC's name is Hc Skill (Generic I know haha)
  2. Skillscape

    Agility guide - xp rates & shop

    Ahh i gotcha makes sense. I must've over looked that haha.
  3. Skillscape

    Agility guide - xp rates & shop

    I'm pretty sure doing the wildy course gave me around 6k xp a lap as an extreme, but any ways I like the guide should make things a little easier for our newer players
  4. Skillscape

    New HCIM!

    Well, Skillscape was nearly maxed and died on nex due to dc while in shadow phase. Hoping to avoid nex for a bit probably lol.
  5. Skillscape

    New HCIM!

    Challenge accepted!
  6. Skillscape

    New HCIM!

    Reserved for updates
  7. Skillscape

    this luck!!!!

    Nice RNG
  8. Skillscape

    Finally doing an Introduction!

    Since I still havent done one of these yet.. Why not? Haha. Hey everyone, my name is Skillscape. I'm one of many Ironmen on the server, and like them I take a lot of pride in what I do on my account ingame. Outside the game my IRL name is Levi, I work in the military in the US. As for my account, I have a lot of goals for it. I'm currently working on obtaining all uniques from bosses. Currently have Comp cape, as well a majority of uniques but still have plenty to go. If anyone has questions or needs help with the game, strategies or Ironmen tips feel free to PM me I'm always around to help!
  9. Skillscape

    Littlee's Goals

    GL with the Hardcore and congrats on max skiller!
  10. Nice to see your progress. If you have any questions for Comp on an Ironman feel free to PM
  11. Skillscape

    Completionist = Complete!

    Finally finished off 200M WC experience, thus finishing all achievements for the completionist cape! Now it will be back to the slayer grind
  12. Skillscape

    Fist's MSI Z370 SLI Plus Motherboard Giveaway!

    Awesome giveaway, I'm starting a pc build soon, so this would be epic! Currently using an 8 year old Lenovo desktop hah. But anyways, good luck to everyone! IGN: Skillscape
  13. Skillscape

    The Ultimate Havoc Guide

    Nice, should help new players on their first venture in Havoc!
  14. Skillscape

    How to Skill Efficiently [For Newbies]

    I use this all the time, a good tick-saver
  15. Skillscape

    x10 Completionist Cape Progress

    Nice, wish you the best on your way to comp!
  16. Skillscape

    Thieving Guide

    Guide is on point, looks well thought out.
  17. Skillscape

    Hunter Guide

    Good guide, however I would suggest adding in bird catching for lower levels. They are particularly easy and fast exp for those levels up to 63.
  18. Skillscape

    [email protected][email protected]!

    Welcome Divine!
  19. Skillscape

    Worst grind by far

    Least you can do Herblore Much faster than the options I have haha
  20. Skillscape

    Whats Gwarning

    Ironman BTW. And nice to meet'cha Cameron
  21. Skillscape

    Idiot Dragon

    Congrats man, GL with the grind!
  22. Skillscape

    easiest grind ever

    Dang, nice man!
  23. Skillscape


    Haha welcome Toothpick was on a duo boss slay task with you not long ago
  24. Skillscape

    My goodbye

    Best of luck bro, you'll be missed!
  25. Hey guys! So currently I'm doing a lot of slayer and PvM working towards all uniques that are worthwhile. So to keep track of progress I'm posting up my most current bank pics and stats for everyone to see and eventually working up a list of all uniques split by bosses and tracking what all I have! Enjoy the bonk pics Gear Potions & Food Herblore Skilling Runes & Runecrafting Clues & Instance Scrolls Slayer Loot Crystal Chest & Clue Reward Uniques Stats Achievements EASY MEDIUM HARD - Fish 2000 Rocktails (380/2000) - Mine 1000 Rune Ores (556/1000) - Defeat Corporeal Beast 15 Times (0/15) ELITE - Reach 200M Experience in a non-combat skill - Vote 100 times (71/100) - Win 150 games of Pest Control (93/150) - Reach 200 hours of playtime (160/200) Skills at 200M Experience Attack Strength Ranged Hitpoints Long-term Goals - 200M Slayer Exp - All GWD Uniques - All Wilderness Boss Uniques - All Slayer Boss Uniques - All Primal Weapons (1/6) - All 3 Variants of the Slayer Helmet (1/3) - All Skill Pets