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  1. Softcore

    Skilling Tracker

    Gj go back to skilling
  2. Softcore

    Zprite's Intro

    Welcome back
  3. Softcore

    New Havoc Video!

    Not bad now give me 2b
  4. Softcore

    Greetings Havoc!

  5. Softcore

    PK Spawn Sets are a problem

    It's fine I'm nothing wrong economy is fine it's just rune and d scmis ez alch for gp
  6. Softcore

    Spy Unit

    Welcome to hell
  7. Softcore

    Review Havoc in 8 words

    No comment
  8. Softcore

    Havoc RSPS: Finally maxed on Havoc! Channel Update!

    Took you long enough
  9. Softcore

    Iron Mewmia's Introduction

    Welcome enjoy your stay feel free to pm me anytime
  10. Softcore

    Iron Mewmia's Goals!

    Best of luck hope to see you ingame
  11. Softcore


    Do you have a hot grandmother? Jk hello
  12. Softcore

    25$ giveaway

    @Crux lock ty
  13. Softcore

    Xbox1 players

    I already got u