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    Maybe they will maybe they wont
  2. Softcore

    My fairwell

  3. Softcore

    Rooney Loops Feedback

    You do u
  4. Softcore

    Review Havoc in 8 words

    No comment
  5. Softcore

    Havoc RSPS: Finally maxed on Havoc! Channel Update!

    Took you long enough
  6. Softcore

    Iron Mewmia's Introduction

    Welcome enjoy your stay feel free to pm me anytime
  7. Softcore

    Count to -10000

    Simple count backwards -1
  8. Softcore

    Game Updates - 04/27/2018

    Good job
  9. Softcore

    Iron Mewmia's Goals!

    Best of luck hope to see you ingame
  10. Softcore


    Do you have a hot grandmother? Jk hello
  11. Simple 1 lucky person will win 1000 from my own bank account to spend however they want wether on havoc or irl idc what you do with it <3 to enter be sure to say in and why you want it
  12. Softcore

    25$ giveaway

    Same as all the others just leave a comment and best of luck
  13. Softcore

    Xbox1 players

    Add me on xbox sqwj
  14. Softcore

    25$ giveaway

    @Crux lock ty
  15. Just morale support (:
  16. Softcore

    Xbox1 players

    I already got u
  17. Softcore

    Main account goals

    Update celestial rank achieved maxed achived
  18. Softcore

    Main account goals

    To finally max Host more giveaways then I do 200m slayer xp All pets Get celestial rank
  19. Softcore

    Loyalty points etc

    Loyalty points as there useless atm loyalty points we can only get titles, we should add stuff to it like xp lamps 1k points per lamp reg mbox as no one will ever buy them for 5$ in the donor store fix mbox to only skilling supplies and remove it from the store as everyone buys smbs make the mboxs 500 points ea Add in new cosmetics like cabbage cape ale of the god ring of coins samurai sword crier outfit Give herb cape a perk of making all potions in to (4) doses add in magic secs when equipped double herbs mining cape at 99 double ore and a chance at double stardust OK guys here me out on this one make barrows like osrs to make it more of a challenge for iron man Remove skotizo from the wildy oh no did softcore just say that omg here me out on this one as well make skotizo 500hp in it area with drop table the same as osrs making a purple slayer helm has all bonus of black green and red slayer helm making it the most expensive helm ingame but make the dark claw drop 1:500 but need a full dark totem to be able to fight skotizo but need arc light to do dmg and hill giant drops dark light and every npc have a 1:50 chance to drop ancient shard to upgrade to arc light. Bring back gano with what skotizo drops in replace of the wildy boss ever 2hrs
  20. Softcore

    Random boss event

    1hr random boss event from gwds to wildy bosses and every boss except zulrah server wide event like skotizo but safe in its own area with idk ::event command as long as players deal 250 dmg they get a drop make server events popular like the star and invasion
  21. Softcore

    Uses of Loyalty Points

    Little comments on rverything
  22. 24hrs left to pm me before new winner gets picked
  23. Congratulations a dds
  24. Softcore

    $50 giveaway ends 04/07/18

    $50 giveaway enter by then to be put into a list to have a chance at winning best of luck
  25. Softcore

    $50 donor giveaway winner

    https://gyazo.com/1b091ff6a4c326a685d115cf75263ede https://gyazo.com/3ca60a640e44c26b18cb242add128edf pm me in game to claim your prize