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  1. Skar

    Game Updates - 04/23/2018

    Can Ava be fixed> Veteran cape and Comp cape more balanced> Nice job, pathing looks great c:
  2. Skar

    Zero-Cooldown Star Event

    Make an AFK game MoRe Afk I approve
  3. Skar

    Drop Rates

    Agree 101%, Gotta 1 up the noob^^^
  4. Skar

    Potion Decanting

    You Can't buy super sets if ur an ironman I remember on my ultimate ironman, the pain of sipping every super attack and strength just to make it extreme, i had to sip around 4-6k pots. + I dont know if u can make overloads (4) with extremes (4)
  5. Skar

    Alpha & Elder Donar tickets for sale

    Yes I have those in stocks
  6. Selling Alpha tickets & Elder tickets for OSRSGP PM me ingame "skar", or leave a post here Willing to negotiate prices.
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  7. Skar

    being mugged right off

    You need a full slayer helm for a red slayer helm
  8. Skar

    Nerf Chaos Fanatic

    Chaos Fanatic nerf would be nice, could add chaos elementa petl to its drop table at a reduced rate from chaos elemental. Maybe something generous 1-1k or 1-500 c:
  9. Skar

    Valentino's Introduction

    Welcome friend, Hi Sincerely, A friend
  10. Skar

    $35give away!

    IGN: Skar Signor Moooose!, Soo niece of yuo
  11. Skar

    Private Messaging

    I like it, would be more convenient than re-logging each time
  12. Skar

    Prayer Renewals

    Prayer Renewals sound pretty cool, could add a whole new aspect into the game, but personally seems pointless considering how easy it is to camp bossess